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Kings Peaks 4.0.3 Changelog

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Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ugY72mRZCXEzafKNo9nNG6JQ_HnFQWIx/view?usp=sharing

Arma 3 Sync:

  • Map changes
    • Multiple new islands added
    • Grove street slightly improved
    • Second farm located on the left side of the map
    • New gas station
    • Fixed houses being locked
    • Fixed trailers
  • Concrete fixed acorss the map
  • Fixed CID warrent alerts going to SWAT
  • Drug drops for whitelisted civilians
    • Start a drug drop from your base
    • You must have 500 of any drug in your faction storage to start
    • Get 1.5x the price of drug dealer for the drugs
  • Added ability for whitelisted civilians to frisk
  • Vehicle customs fixed (APART FROM NUMBER PLATES)
  • Twitter verified fixed
  • Fixed money laundering issue
  • Vehicles now spawn with fuel at all times until fuel saving is fixed
  • Cocaine shipment now has the text
  • Fush trader fixed
  • Hunter clothing removed
  • Fixed roosevelt impound price when upgraded
  • Fixed Blood Diamond Trader to actually buy the diamonds
  •  Removed broken animation from seizing drug boxes for CG
  • Added map marker to Jewl store robberies(If the hint doesn't say which store please report it as a bug and say which one it was)
  • Medic claims now display on deathscreen properly
  • Using the panic button now uses it instead of just the hotkey
  • You can no longer plant weed 3000m from the processor
  • You can no longer plant any plant 2000m from the farming store
  • Fixed applestore hatch
  • Fixed uranium trader sign floating
  • Fixed drones, trackers and detective equipment for CGIS, CID
  • Added it so EMS hazmat suit works when recovering people attacked by bees
  • Threat level added back
  • Fixed jail jobs
  • Fixed jail doors
  • Fixed jumping over fence at jail (note searching is still broken, its a wip)



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Lets go devs! lets go!! Keep up the great work boys!


Lets party

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Looking good! :)

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