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Kings Peaks 4.0.4 Changelog

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Google Drive (Updated mods only): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GAbQcZBdBNQR1jTdZbvtHr9WxO_PgXbz/view?usp=sharing

Full drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZWqdrhCrBlw2bTmbOEHtrwgCzNSeqWky/view?usp=sharing

Arma 3 Sync:

  • Map changes
    • Carbaro mostly complete
    • New highway overbridge near cabaro with cool sheds underneeth
    • Grove street improved a bit
    • Fixed all the bridges
    • Multiple small fixes
    • New island top right
  • AST changes
    • Fixed ABI fatigues
    • Fixed WL fatigues
    • Fixed all the whitelisting (Please contact Oliver if someone this missing/incorrect)
  • KPRS changes
    • Added formal uniform
    • Added flight paramedic suit
    • Added EMS rebreather & wetsuit
    • Added EMS hellcat
    • Added EMS cap
    • Fixed inventory space of vests
    • Fixed not being able to pick up clothing
  • USCG changes
    • Fixed USCG CVPI
    • Fixed USCG Charger
  • Gang changes
    • Sin City Response Team Vest & Hat
    • Dirty Bandits Cap
    • The Bredrin uniform/vest
  • Fixed weed maps
  • Changed all dialogs to red
  • Fixed goose spawning in ground
  • Fixed Dirty Money vanishing (if you lost it make a compensation request we have extensive logs to check)
  • Fixed Dirty Money cleaning
  • Fixed code of laws app to new code of laws
  • Added back Krystal to the nightclub
  • Added a roleplay uniform to all the official gangs
  • Fixed threat level colors
  • Fixed field prosecution requests
  • Fixed conviction logs
  • Fixed compensation bot
  • Fixed radar stations being cleaned up
  • Fixed nightclub locker/washingm achine
  • Fixed all houses/trailers locking


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Thank you all for the hard work that has gone in to this one of the best servers I been a part of in a long time keep it coming 

 Charlie Nugget -Owner -Dirty Bandits-Anzus Staff Team 


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Keep it up!

|Adam Wolf~Loxxon Husky|Ex-Playboys Member|Ex-Asylum Solider|Anzus Staff Member|

|3 Years of Service Within ANZUS Police|KSP CRT Officer, CPL|KCSO-Academy & DOC SGT|KCRS Senior Volunteer

|Homeland Security Agent - Senior Trooper|Border Patrol|Trooper's Academy Member|DAO-Prosecutor|

|Support Staff|Anzus Veteran|Jedi Master Member| Government Secretary


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