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Kings Peaks 4.0.5 v2 Changelog [No modpack update]

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Please ignore epic .5 the design lad Seska was asleep!

  • Added oil rig robberies
    • Stand is on the top room with the two yellow windows behind the large yellow tower)
  • Added oil rig robberies to count towards the armed robbery quest for both cartel and mobsters
  • Added oil run (if its more than 80k an hour let me know)
  • Added basket recover for Jayhawk and Blackhawk
  • Added 5 new custom boats to the boat shop
    • Three new cabin boats
    • One new speed boat
    • One new yacht
    • Added base ARMA rescue boats as well
    • Added space to all the boats making it scale like trucks
  • Simple Show ID script added
    • Windows key
  • New restrain system
    • You can only Shift + R if the person is tackled or restrained
    • To restrain someone you must walk behind them and windows key "Restrain"
    • This will then put you both in animation and the civilian has 2 seconds to hit the "C" key to give him a 50% chance of resisting arrest
    • Note: Resisting arrest is an offence and can get you an extra charge and cops can use more force once you are resisting.
  • Sitting on chairs now works
  • Spoon system completely fixed (Try not to leak the spoon spots so its a cool secret)
  • Verified icon on twitter fixed (Donator Tier 2+)
  • Drug addiction fully implemented
  • Fixed bus "heading to" hint error
  • Fixed Pharmacy Robbery and added another one to Avonpond
  • Fixed Military ship and Fort Knox laptops vanishing due to cleanup
  • Changed shipwreck loot table
  • Fixed houses being able to be bought by two people
  • Containers now get removed when you leave
  • Lightbars disabled apart from Charger, Fire Trucks and Ambulances (Possible crashing fix)
  • Blood diamonds (now called Diamonds) buffed from 1300 to 1375
  • Blood diamonds (now called Diamonds) shop fixed
  • You now can't complete trucking missions unless you're in the truck
  • You no longer become shanked when being strip searched (dont ask )
  • Fixed jail system release and gang quest
  • Fixed shipwreck, plane crash and plane crash boxing getting cleaned up
  • Fixed Charger Lightbars
  • Drug system cleaned up a bit timing wise
  • Changed the housing crate box to a non-idap one
  • Fixed the housing crate vanishing when robbing it (sorry)
  • New open door function 
  • Changed Smuggler Boat to the drug sub
  • Changed Cocaine shipment locations
  • Added gun shot residue when you shoot
    • Cops can windows key to figure out if you have shot or not
    • Wash your hands in water to get rid of it
  • Added homicide investigation back (Allows CID to investigate cause of deaths and evidence on dead bodies to help with RP)
  • Pharmacy robbery marker is removed after 4 minutes
  • Removed glitched car from SUV shop
  • Added small exp reward for the person accepting dirty money to launder
  • Fixed UNM CID charger
  • Added restrain sound back
  • Helicopter gas stations added to top right island (CG jurisdiction) 
  • Sending someone to jail wipes their clothing apart from Prison hat and Prison uniform
  • Fully fixed bridge functionality including the gates
  • Added atm to rebel
  • Nightclub is now in mission with no damage on until we modpack update
  • Fixed crop dusting marker
  • Fixed floating sign at Jewl store
  • Fixed seizing drug box at plane water wreck
  • Supermarket now accessible by EMS,CG and AST
  • Fixed casino rob timer

Nearly there fellas! A modpack update should fix housing, we're narrowing down the crashing issue everyday. Now we can get back to the POG things to get out of beta. Thanks for being patient with us.



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Thank you doug!!

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