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Joshi Patel - Punishment Report

Casper Kraakman

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Punishing Trooper Details 

Troopers Name: Joshi Patel

Rank: Sergeant

Badge Number: 907

Department: Wildlife Troopers

Reason for Punishment: Suspended Pending Investigation

Result of Punishment: Indefinite 


Authorizing Trooper Details

Trooper's Name: Casper Kraakman, Liam Joseph

Rank: Sergeant, Lieutenant

Badge Number: 187, 127

Department: A.B.I. ACU

Trooper's Signature: Casper Kraakman

image.png.1569a570e4e57f7304661d324562ed9f.pngCasper Kraakmanimage.png.d5848e9403bc3bc84cf35005c8ef4636.png

Retired CID/IA Captain


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This Punishment Report is now Completed

Processed by Academy - 1/8/2021

Zendo Mcron, AST Academy Head-Supervisor


Current: DOC Cadet

Former: Doc Coporal | ASTA Sergeant
"Sometimes the best way to solve your own problems is to help someone else" ~ Dragon Of The West/Uncle Iroh [Offial Moto Of ASTA]SDvKxCV.png.0d45e7916fb09201946494ffcd70480e.png

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