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Kings Peaks 4.0 Full Release Changelog

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Hello everyone and thank you for your patience, no this is not the release announcement. This is the changelog, we will be releasing the full release of 4.0 tomorrow at 9PM GMT and 4PM EST. To the people who have been patient and understanding I really do appreciate it this was extremely stressful ANZUS being my job and having a lot of risk on the line with delaying this update this much.

  • Bitcoin implementation
    • Find graphics cards randomly by doing everyday tasks
    • Buy server racks from the markets, they're similar to containers just use the item in your house.
    • BTC farms over time we will adjust the speed most likely to fit the economy
    • BTC farms will make a % if you're offline (based on your total playtime that week, the more you play the more you will make offline) and 100% if you're online
  • Home computer implementation
    • Ability to buy a desk from the furniture shop to place in your house
  • Dark web implementation
    • Ability to buy high tier firearms online via BTC
    • Ability to buy multiple terroristic items via BTC (including grenades, ieds etc)
  • New Port Shipments system
    • Every 20 minutes a port delivery arrives at one of the 3 ports on Kings Peaks
    • USCG can search every single crate
    • If they find a dark web crate they can boltcut the crate and seize the dark web item
  • New Priority Shipments system
    • Every tsunami the ports request the Kings Peaks civilians to deliver large shipments of different minerals paying higher than the average Trader found on Kings Peaks.
    • These requests are legal and illegal
    • USCG is notified that there will be more activity at X port but they will not be told if its illegal or not
  • New crafting system
    • Complete unique experience table and level system
    • Ability to craft all types of weapons, virtual items, vehicles, clothing and more
    • Over 25 new virtual items added to the island for crafting
  • Train system
    • AI drives the train around the map stopping at different stops
    • Purely for aesthetics and transport will hopefully be a job in the future
    • Desync ramming or stopping the flow of the train is an instant permeant ban
  • Gangster Whitelisted Faction implantation
    • Ability tumble(launder) bitcoin through faction businesses
    • Ability to buy and sell btc from players
    • Multiple custom uniforms added
    • Two new cars added for Gangsters only (Dubsta and Sentinel)
    • Ownership of Kings Peaks Customs in Pine City
  • 3 new major crimes
    • NASA
      • Start with a USB virus, hack into the computer system and drop the NASA security shields to defuse the fake gravity in the ball room
      • Defuse the balls gravity and sell it to the crazy Chinese man in pine city.
    • Embassy
      • Start with an Embassy Explosive found in rebel, blow up the vault door and use a drill bag to drill through the second door
    • Art Gallery
      • Steal any of the statues scattered across the art gallery
      • Once you steal one statue the art gallery will go into a lockdown and you must use the computer hacking system to get out
  • Shark hunting
    • Harpoon found in Hunting Store
    • Cut the shark fins off and sell them to the illegal trader
    • Its a full redzone so be scared of CG
  • New mafia stuff
    • New Hudson hornet vehicle
    • Ability to shoot from the Roosevelt and do drivebys
    • New mafia house added in east pine city
  • Cigars and cigarettes' with full smoke particle effects implemented
    • Whitelisted civilian factions, Donators and Faction donators only
  • New lightbar and siren system
    • Full ELS system with multiple different sirens and horns
    • Government vehicles show as yellow lights
    • Medic vehicles show as green/red lights
    • Cop vehicles show as red/blue lights
    • USCG show as blue lights
  • New ANPR radar system implemented
  • New Patrol Bounties system added
    • Found on the bounties app on phone
    • Take random bounties to earn money/exp on AST
    • Assign your patrol partner via the windows key menu
  • New roleplay mission
    • Meteorite mission
      • Bring a pickaxe to the fallen meteorite while the Police block off the roads, once the meteorite has been on earth for 5 minutes and exposed the earths oxygen the AST will be able to clean it up.
  • New gold model added for major crimes
  • New furnace instead of a sign at processing
  • New civilian vests added to clothing shop, they have the same armour as cop vests and show the pistol in the pocket
  • New radio animations
    • Basic hand to chest animation
    • Arm to hand animation added for ABI/CGIS and Whitelisted Factions
  • New call system
    • You open your phone and hold it to your ear (model will be added for this later)
  • New life alert system for EMS
    • Added more of a roleplay aspect to people requesting medic with new notifications and map markers
  • New stretcher system for EMS
    • Ability to take stretchers from ambulances and then move the patient inside the ambulance for more roleplay.
  • New laundry mat building for whitelisted civilians to buy
  • New steel mine added
  • New give money/give dirty money system found on the interaction menu
  • New shank system (same as 3.0 one)
  • New XP tables for the perk system
  • New weed and LSD field while farming is disabled
  • New firearm registry system
    • All legal firearms are able to be searched up in the windows key Police PC by cops
  • New help guide added to phone to help new players
  • New evidence system
  • New Jetpack added
  • New icon above the HUD to indicate your voice volume
  • All name tags have been wiped above the head
  • Fixed some gas station pumps not working
  • Fixed entire housing system, all houses are now buyable and all doors work
  • Fixed interrogation system and implemented new runs into it
  • Fixed pricing on the upgrade system and made it so you can't upgrade without upgrading to the lower tiers first
  • Fixed boat impound issue
  • Fixed Police K9 menu
  • Fixed all EMS skin issues
  • Fixed the double interrogation menu for CID
  • Fixed missing items in civilian clothing shop
  • Fixed the ability to remove barricades
  • Fixed SERT being able to see the undercover shop
  • Fixed middle DOC tower
  • Fixed Dye pack being illegal
  • Fixed CG hanger doors
  • Fixed CG boat spawns for the cutter to be viable(moved down the pier)
  • Moved the Pine City Jewl Store to the Tony Jewls near PD
  • Fixed MacArthur Job center
  • Fixed Jaws of Life price
  • Fixed fire engine ladders
  • Fixed organ truck spawn
  • Fixed uranium and lsd perks
  • Fixed the animation issue after restraining on the ground
  • Fixed inspecting bodies
  • Added donuts and water when getting sent to jail
  • Fixed ems not accessing boat shop
  • There is probably a billion more bug fixes we've done as a team but no point putting them all here




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Well done Dev Team and Doug Jumper! 

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