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Kings Peaks 4.0.1 [New hotwire system, new animations, map changes]

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Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ugY72mRZCXEzafKNo9nNG6JQ_HnFQWIx/view?usp=sharing
Arma 3 Sync:

  • Hotwire system implementation
    • Rework of lockpicking
      • You now only unlock the car when you lock pick it you do not get keys, only way to get keys is from robbing the owner
      • You can unlock cars from the inside if you get locked inside
    • You must windows key - hotwire to turn cars on if you do not have keys and its unlocked
    • Fully upgradeable speed in the perk system
    • Full animation
  • New looting system
    • Items no longer drops on death you must find them on the body
    • Money no longer drops on death you must find it on the body
  • Added give and receive animations to giving items and giving money
  • Increase Money Launder behind Night Club to 35%
  • New animations
    • Lift weight
    • Beacon
    • Give/Receive items
    • Ability to lean out of the car windows with rifles and pistols
  • Chance of graphics cards is now higher
  • Priority Ports fixed
  • Nightclub concrete mixers have completed their task
  • Mafia mansion slightly reworked
  • Mobster base moved to new temporary location
  • Rebel moved to new temporary location
  • Fixed Police ANPR system
  • Fixed Police ELS system (lights now change every 1 second instead of 5)
  • Fixed clearing meteorite (yes its legal to mine)
  • Fixed stash
  • Fixed metorite being too op
  • Ammo crafting fixed
  • Deagle ammo in crafting menu
  • Removed ammo from rebel shops now crafting is fixed
  • Fixed a few perk point skills displaying less then what they are bought for 
  • Fixed ABI access to civilian car shops
  • Added back the NPC's that were removed with the headless client removal
  • Fixed Jimmy Paterno floating water sign



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