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Kings Peaks 4.0.3 [New major, 2 new apps, new cars and more!]

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Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JuktGi9jLQj3uCIY5yBMT_MRDFrXuMd_/view?usp=sharing
Arma 3 Sync:

  • Cargo ship major crime added
    • USB virus to get into the systems
  • Pirate ship script rework
    • Pirate ship now spawns at random locations on the map
    • Search the boxes throughout the pirate ship to find different loot from Katanas to IEDS + Drugs ontop of that
  • New Dark Chat app
    • Ability to communicate similar to twitter but on DarkChat
    • Just for civilians for now until we added the ability to DM on the app
    • Note every message you send regardless of your name is logged to an SLT/SMT chat so don't be silly on there thinking you're anonymous
    • This app is meant to make it easier to find class 3's
  • New Notes app
    • Pretty self explanatory but very cool
  • New stretcher system
    • Ability to load a stretcher into all 3 ambulances
  • New MSRT BRDM Amphibious vehicle
  • New Mustang Fastback vehicle
  • New Police Lighting system (again)
    • We've fused together the cool ELS dialog and ANPR with the new lighting system
    • All cars are now similar to the charger and they use animations instead of scripts so it can't cause lag and it has ambient reflectors
    • Temporary siren added until sound sources added to new cars(realized too late)
  • Map changes
    • New embassy location west of liberty bridge
    • 70+ houses added throughout the map
  • Uranium buffed by 5%
  • Weed nerfed by 2.5%
  • Heroin buffed by 2.5%
  • New mafia uniform added
  • Added all gang skins to crafting and darkweb (Restricted to your gang only to craft but same materials as a normal one)
  • Ability to remove funds from faction funds added to Mafia and Gangsters
  • Added multiple new EMS spawns
  • Re-enabled chemical leak
  • Made it so organ transport is split $150,000 with all medics online
  • Reduced prices of fire trucks
  • Added EMS Snowmobile
  • Added MacArthur clinic
  • Gopro added to medic shops
  • Vehicle upgrades fully fixed
  • Tow trucks now show on the map for medics
  • New Junky Dan Jumpah uniform added
  • Sentinel geo fixed
  • Reaper RP uniform added




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