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Kings Peaks 4.0.4 [New bank, capture points return and more!]

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AZKP-Banner405FD22.thumb.png.90de0bdb88b2cea78d9f889a58e3ec2e.pngGoogle Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1co1ZhEXoWy_lcEhiBdsWcuXihePmZdI9/view?usp=sharing
Arma 3 Sync:

  • New bank
    • Minor crime similar to gas stations pas out 20-60k per robbery
    • Bank will be player ran by Matt Lee and will have the capital and systems to issue loans and act as a player rank bank
  • Daily challenges system
    • Every day 3 random challenges will be chosen and you must complete them within 24 hours to get the reward.
  • New Capture points system
    • New capture points system
    • 4 different capture points on the map
      • Snow G Arms (AST)
      • Fallen Castle (AST)
      • Pirates Cove (AST)
      • Nuke Town (CG)
    • You make 250 per player online per 10 minutes per zone, so if you own all 4 zones and 100 players is on you make $10,000 every 10 minutes into your gang funds
    • You have to be in the zone for 30 seconds for it to be contested so no random drive throughs will effect it
    • To capture it you must use the flag found at the set zones
  • Phone changes
    • All phone messages/notifications will now show up in the bottom right
    • The hone when opening it now shows in the bottom right
  • New oil rigs
  • New supermarket
  • New Winchester Shotgun for whitelisted civilians
  • New TEC-9 added to Gangster crafting
  • New pistol hostage taking system added
  • New tackle animation added for cop
  • New drunk walk animation added when you're drunk
  • New gang stuff
    • Lee Family suit
    • DND uniform added
    • Lee Bread suit added
    • The Inactives gang set added
    • RM gang set added
    • OCK gang set added
  • All gang guns/golden guns added to crafting
  • Map changes
    • Castle added to the south island
    • Large new harvested farm added near MacArthur
    • Residential expansion at pine city (WIP)
    • New church north of pine city
    • Modified ground texture for railways and other areas
    • New beach vacation house area north east of DOC
    • Cabin filled camp near the south island farm lake
    • Additional snow
    • Detail added to several more areas and other minor changes across the map.
  • We need a solution to this problem.. thread changes (read here)
    • Added 12 different class 2's to crafting (We are aware of it not displaying the name we are waiting for NiArms to get back to us)
    • Added several different SMG mags to crafting
    • Reduced creation of steelbar from 20 steelP to 15 steelP
    • Timber weight reduced from 4 to 3
    • Requirement for several gun parts reduced
    • Removal of panic button from Police
    • Minor crimes buffed
    • Major crimes buffed
  • Added Jetpack with Guns to modpack for Jetpack wars this weekend
  • Added New Toyota Sprinter Van (Not textured properly at the moment)
  • Added Mykes vss
  • Added official company whitelisting system
  • Added livery options to the modshop for official companies and their custom liveries
  • Fixed incorrect police ranks showing on death screen rather than departments
  • Added new JD radar system
    • Multiple new custom controls added (Check in your game options)
  • Gangsters now own the modshop and operate it, they get %50 of all income from the mod shop, you cannot modify your car without them.
  • Matt Light custom clothing added (clown omegalol)
  • Made graphics cards x2 more likely to be found then before
  • Fixed SMG ammo being level 40 (Now 16)
  • Fixed hilux not being visible at a distance
  • Fixed PD building going boom
  • Fixed PD building requiring a keycard
  • Fixed CG cells having broken geo
  • Several tier upgrade fixing
  • Fixed ability for Mafia to lock laundrymat
  • Fixed Mozzie sounds and added back to shop
  • Fixed GoPro/Wire icons
  • Fixed gangster uniforms being broken
  • Fixed LF_Buildings pbo so the temporary gas stations have been removed and the old ones are back
  • Removed Darter comments
  • Fixed finding door function for house robberies/house raids
  • Fixed art gallery statues being not sellable sometimes
  • Fixed charger SRT not being on ELS
  • Fixed animation when ground restraining not cancelling proerply
  • Fixed deathscreen displaying wrong dept for LEO




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