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A few community changes

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Hello everyone, recently ANZUS has been going awesome and I hope you're all enjoying it as much as I am. I have been thinking of some community change ideas in the past few weeks to help spice it up a bit and this is what I have come up with.

Introducing 2 new roles at ANZUSGaming for normal members.

Senior Member

Have access to a unique channel to discuss in-game issues and help improve the community and have a different member tag on teamspeak/discord.

Senior member will be invite only and will be based on community standing and time you've been consistently in the community. once a month we will go through the active official gang members and faction members and choose new senior members.


Pretty self explanatory its for the real OG members of ANZUS, also the same as above. Will be completely invite only and only for the truly dedicated members. OG members will be chosen by SMT when they seem fit.

Leaving and rejoining the community for months at a time can effect eligibility to these ranks.

Weekly Sunday events

Purely in roleplay events such as the funeral of Logan Bridges today. The community needs to work together and bring ideas to the two leaders Jack Knight and Mort Higgins who will organize the events and get the official streamers involved. Examples of these events are big car meets in-game with race events held by the gangsters or big court cases on known figures such as faction leaders, high ranking mafia/gangsters. We will aim to do one every Sunday and still do gang wars every Saturday. Some weeks there will be no RP but we will see what happens.

Minecraft Summer Madness

This summer the development team will be bringing out a pop up Minecraft server, it will have a different game mode to regular Minecraft. We will open whitelist applications 1 month before summer starts in June and then all the whitelist applicates will be split up into 4 teams. There will be a 1 week treaty where all teams build bases and resources and after that week it will be 1-2 weeks of free game depending how it all paths out, It will be heavily encouraged to stream and will be heavily advertised on ANZUS platforms. This will not effect the ARMA 3 server development whatsoever

Twitch Drops

Yep, you read it right. We are introducing a custom twitch bot that when you're watching one of our awesome featured streamers you can get in-game rewards. It ranges from small things to BIG things (yachts if you're lucky). Within the next week or so we will make an announcement on how to go forward and how to be eligible for drops while watching streamers. 

A quick note from me, thank you to everyone who has been awesome recently especially with my streams. A lot of good roleplay and content has come out from people going the extra mile for entertainment and its made the server fun for me again so I appreciate that. Big shout out to Tyrone Rogue, Matt Light and Logan Bridges. There are so many more to name but those are some big ones. I am looking forward to show you guys what we're bringing in the next few months.

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Poggers #OG

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|Homeland Security Agent - Senior Trooper|Border Patrol|Trooper's Academy Member|DAO-Prosecutor|

|Support Staff|Anzus Veteran|Jedi Master Member| Government Secretary


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                                                           Tyrone Rogue/Cassidy Michaels

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