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Looking for 4 official gangs [Information about 4.0.5 gang update]

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Hello everyone, hope you're all well and enjoying 4.0.4, 4.0.5 is just around the corner coming out between Sunday-Tuesday.!¬†ūüėĄ
We are looking for 4 more official gangs, 
If you are interested in becoming official and meet all the requirements feel free to apply.

On the update 4.0.5 we will be adding in gang houses that will be buyable across the map for 5 mill in gang funds, you will also be able to do money drop missions mobster will deliver to mafia and cartel will deliver to the gangsters. These money drop missions will take funds out of your gang funds to take to the whitelisted civilians to clean into normal money. (The only way to spend large sums of gang funds)


  • 8 or more gang members
  • Available gang roster that is updated weekly as well as¬†actively recruiting new members
  • All gang members¬†must be active players on the server
  • Must not be trolls
  • Must not be known for cop baiting or robbing new players
  • Must have an active recruiting thread¬†Here

What you get

  • Free gang uniform
  • Free gang vest
  • Free gang burrito(gang van)
  • Invitation to official gangs discord
  • Teamspeak channel
  • Teamspeak tag
  • Ability to attend gang wars
  • Ability to buy gang house

Note: You must make your own gang uniform, if you can't we do have texture developers who can do it for a fee.

Gang uniforms can not look like SWAT or other official gang uniforms, please update your uniform if you wish it to be added granted you are accepted.

Official gangs are required to represent the server in a good way, they must not have a frag mindset and instead of robbing new players they must want to help them and get them started on the server. We don't want people who just go around shooting all day everyday, role playing is encouraged and a good standing and reputation on the server is required.

How to apply


Application Template:
Gang Name:
Gang Leader:
Gang Leader Discord:

Do you have a uniform available:

List of players (INCLUDING STEAM64ID):
Member 1: Jake Dingleberry (76561198118830560) [example]

Fill out this template in a reply to this thread

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Gang Name: Carboni Family

Gang Leaders:

Sean Carboni, Matt Carboni, Durwin Carboni

Gang Leader Discord: 

zerhas#0970, Alex27#9082, Spoofy86#8618

Do you have a uniform available:

Not yet we will get the uniforms if we are accepted as official gang otherwise we will purchase and add the uniform once we determine exactly what we want to wear. 



List of players (INCLUDING STEAM64ID):

1. Sean Carboni 76561198147129007

2. Johnny Doss 76561198035667260

3. Durwin Carboni  76561198082265153 

4. Matt Carboni 76561198811410665

5. Frank Bank 76561198084667000

6. Frank Wilson 76561198072230780

7. Russell Johnson 76561198149486102

8. Jacob Carboni 76561197981794899

9. Wayne Carboni 76561198055107320

10. Carl Carboni 76561198072665721

11. Ryan Field  76561198087130314

12. Michael Jared  76561198128348885

13. Lucien Sneezer 76561198154591739

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Application Template:
Gang Name: The Viper Crew
Gang Leader: Kieran smith, Barry bravo
Gang Leader Discord:Nathand041#6566

Do you have a uniform available: no

List of players (INCLUDING STEAM64ID):
1:  Kieran Scott  76561198357797551

2: Nate Davidson  76561198354742028

3: Don Wario  76561198253867792

4:  Austin Boston  76561198072826488

5:  Ricky Nuestra  76561198332794858

6:  Brandon Ramirez  76561198088288907

7: Cameron Lopez   76561198978407687

8:  Skilz Terintino  76561198880497622

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Barry Bravo

Senior Support

KCSO sergeant | AST Corporal | DOC CRT SGT Highway Deputy


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