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Kings Peaks 4.0.5 [New major, Gang Houses and more!]

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Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NJWPrNqcLWo0MWX7j1LTQnnMALvzGYhF/view?usp=sharing

Arma 3 Sync:

  • New Eggplant Store Major Crime
    • Very simple, windows key on the right hand computer
    • Currently there are multiple across the map but the one in MacArthur is the major
    • Yes the door is a spinny door
  • Gang houses added
    • 4 locations across the map(more will be added next week)
    • 10 million in gang funds per gang house
    • $500,000 normal money for gang house crates(found in rebel)
    • 1mill per upgrade on the crate (windows key then Upgrade Container)
  • Gang fund cleaning
    • Started at gang houses (CAN ONLY START THEM AT GANG HOUSES)
    • Mobster delivers to Mafia (Find out in RP where to deliver)
    • Cartel delivers to Gangster (Find out in RP where to deliver)
    • Each money truck run is requires 1 million in gang funds and the mafia/gangster members decide on the % you get
    • Money truck will spawn with boxes (physical item) inside
  • New jellyfish mission
    • School of jelly fish spawn in random spots in the water (similar to meteorite)
    • Boats can go to it and windows key drop net
    • Sell to fisher trader
    • The Alaskan Government and USCG will publish the legal amount of Jelly Fish per boat (REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR SAFTEY GEAR)
  • Several new gang uniforms/guns added
    • If it isn't in the screenshots it doesn't mean its not in the modpack we had some config issues where we lost a week of progress so some stuff might be missing from the shop that just requires a restart to be added(please message Oliver if its not in your shops or crafting)
  • New vehicles
    • Taco truck
    • Money truck (currently only used for gang fund missions)
    • Gang burrito (currently only used for drug drops)
    • Ambulance #WeLoveMedics
  • New locals system
    • Locals will now witness crimes in the main city like homicide and there will be a chance for detectives to be notified
  • New taco job
  • New Beanbag shotgun for CRT
  • New Sprinter Van for AST and SERT
  • New USCG uniforms
  • New AST uniforms
  • New CRT Tahoe
  • Several map changes
  • Tickets have been moved to the ticket menu, you can pay any ticket issued to you at a courthouse, earning $20,000 in tickets is a crime
  • Medical Fees are also added to the above menu
  • Added a experimental graph to the banking menu
  • Government officials now can sign in for their job and paycheck at the courthouse
  • Fixed Fort Knox door 
  • Fixed grave robberies, their need for a shovel and robbing the same grave
  • Increased the amount of times you have to do certain daily challenge actions and fixed the persistance of challenges
  • Added a Salvage License, it is illegal to salvage shipwrecks without a license issued by the USCG
  • Added discord logging for when CG issue a license
  • Made more graves robbable
  • Added additional government uniforms
  • Fixed all freshwater fishing licenses being expired
  • You can now hear, but can't speak, when dead
  • Added a boat customs store at the liberty shore (you cant add speed upgrades)
  • Added flags to the customs store (only works on vanilla vehicles)
  • Buffed radar station attacks and lowered the required CG to 2 online (max you can get is 9k for every CG online)
  • Modified the activity menu adding more functionality
  • Blood diamonds processing moved to bottom left island
  • Mozzie 1 seater helicopter dropped from 2mill to 500k
  • Blood diamonds buffed 10%
  • Ladders added to all oil rigs to make them easier to access
  • Made oil rigs closer to shore
  • Moved steel processing to port 1
  • Changed cocaine shipment spawns to be random
  • Fixed Embassay money
  • Fixed supermarket to have more common stuff at top


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Thank you for everything!

AMR Rescue Services Lieutenant | American Medical Response | Ex- Command FFR | Texas Court Clerk | NFS Command


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