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Kings Peaks 4.1 - MASSIVE UPDATE - [3 New Majors, Auction House, Massive map changes and more]

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Thanks to all the developers for their hard work on this update, we have a lot more to come in the coming weeks. Please report any bugs in #bug-reports and refer any missing clothing/vehicles to Oliver The Dev via discord.
Arma 3 Sync:
Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ugY72mRZCXEzafKNo9nNG6JQ_HnFQWIx/view?usp=sharing

  • New Alaskan Capital Building
    • Seized funds withdrawl major crime
    • Started by Major+ can be done twice a week
    • 10% of all gang funds of gangs online will be seized and withdraw after 30 minutes of Police holding the capital building
  • New Federal Reserve
    • Similar to casino/national bank, drill bag and normal bags
  • New Small Art Gallery
    • Cheapest major crime, simple hold with two entrances
  • Map changes
    • Cabarro completely redone
    • New road from Cabarro to Weed Processing in preparation for the toll bridge
    • New Mountain Range
    • New DOC layout design
    • New Northmore Casino layout
  • Fast Food Stores & Nutrition System
    • You now need carbs to mine, you can get this by eating peaches or other carb rich food, to factor in for the added space required to carry peaches then carry weight perk has been increased, however, it would be more efficient to buy less heavy and more carb rich food from fast food stores.
    • You can now eat sugary food for a sugar rush run boost, and you can now eat protein rich food for a full heal, these are only available from fast food stores, if you eat too much sugar food you run the risk of shitting your pants and dying of dehydration.
    • You can now craft quicker with a smart functional brain, you get these by eating vitamins you get from fast food stores food.
    • And of course finally, you need calories to be able to survive. Food from fast food restaurants is much richer in calories than other food.
    • This system is subject to change, we will get metrics from workers at restaurants and other sources of information to refine the system.
    • You can get accurate readings of your nutrition information from clinics.
    • Fast Food stores are McDonalds and Taco Bell, workers of these stores can sign on and get their uniforms from these stores. They can cook at the ovens and get ingredients from certain places. Some ingredients must be gathered, others purchased from the farming store.
    • If you'd like to work for McDonalds or Taco Bell, contact Matt Lee or Oliver Grogan.
  • New cars
    • Tesla Roadster
    • Merc Bus
    • Lambo Cabrera 2020 W/ Butterfly doors
    • EMS Freightliner Ambulance
    • Wheelchair (EMS only)
    • Lenco SERT Bearcat
  • New Jail System
    • If there are no DOC online Police can send people to an internal non escableable jail
    • Inside the internal jail you can search through the boxes for gun parts/crafting materials and you also get lots of exp
  • New Auction House
    • Ability to sell virtual items and physical items
    • Only able to sell low-tier class 3s as high-tier are too high risk
  • New Boat Gas Station Minor Crime
    • The further you are from CG base the more you get
  • New Moonshine Run
    • Similar to uranium
    • Everyone given 10 perk points to help buy it
    • Collect Mash on the top right farm
    • Process at the Distillery 
    • Sell at Shady Crim
    • Requires Perk Point
    • Owned by Cartel
  • LSD removed from perk point requirement
  • All AST cars now are in slicktop form
  • All CG cars now are in slicktop form
  • New FBI stuff (wild life replacement)
  • New Police Jackets
  • New MSRT Rhib
  • New civilian/gang stuff
    • New KPC hats
    • TI Cowboy hat
    • Reaper vests x2
    • There is a lot more(If its not in the shop please contact Oliver)
  • You can no longer revive opposite gang members killed by your gang in capture zones
  • New USCG Sprinter Van
  • You can now use your phone (apart from inventory) while processing
  • More civilian hats added to shop
  • Fixed gang houses
  • Moved a lot of functions to mission to help server lag
  • Hostage taking animation fixed





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                                                           Tyrone Rogue/Cassidy Michaels

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With LSD perk requirement removed what happens with the skill points that you used to get it?

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BCSO Corporal - Ryan Ripley
FHP USCG Master Chief Petty Officer - Cody Wong 
| Bar Certification #9905516 
Cocaine Cowboy Gangster - Cody Cortez

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@Parker Snovle and @Jonny Five Heart racing right now tryna fight for the first Penthouse


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                                                           Tyrone Rogue/Cassidy Michaels

        rendered-1.thumb.png.d344f458fdb2fe18a17df997a919bbb7.png.34c58bdc39ac9ce32e17c8cae48ac7cd.png.e09def5c6601835adfa4043d743f0e17.png      R.I.P  Reapers |Retired CID Detective |Retired Moderator   RUwheTe.png.c71411c5c744b226ee9514528b3d59a3.png                                                           twitch.tv/tyronerogue | Kieran Smells like beef

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