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Kings Peaks 4.4 [New Major Crime, Heaps of New Cars and more!]

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Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Fk0q8N97Ufg-EORY4ZKlHUuzUFIiAhJ7/view?usp=sharing
Arma 3 Sync:

A few things

  • Takistan will be going ahead, Paul is the one heading that project so any suggestions should be forwarded to him or the other Takistan team members(Harry, Oliver, Ching, Jack Chapman, Mort)
  • 4.5 will be out in early July, Takistan will aimed to be released 1.5 weeks before release. The 4.5 trailer will be shown and released at the Takistan gang wars event on the first Saturday/Sunday of Takistan.
  • 4.5 rule change/some content votes will be out from the 14th onwards (This will be a discussion between a few rules, class 3's etc)
  • Your hours on the server between now and Takistan release will dictate your rank within your faction.

4.4 Update

  • New Police Database Hacking Major Crime
    • Bring boltcutters/USB virus to the secret SERT base located somewhere on the map
    • Hack into the SERT base and use the USB virus on the laptop
    • On successful hacking you will receive a data USB and all the names of the police informants that restart and all illegal locations will be wiped from police
    • You can take the USB dongle to the old oil processing and put it into a tracking system and the informants will be marked on the map every 60 seconds their location will update. (yes, this is a full reason to rob, kill, take their kidneys)
  • New spike strip animation (normal functionality just takes time to place now, throwing it under cars is now allowed again)
  • New cars (for information about unique car imports contact Doug)
    • Noremac Terryabyte
    • Pinkpanther Guardian
    • Tony Klinten BR8
    • Reaper ZR8 completely fixed and buffed (no longer bullet proof)
    • LEO Ford Raptor
  • Gang stuff
    • New Reapaer Uniforms/Vests/Head Gears
    • New Creed Uniform
    • New HMT Uniform
    • New Pink Panther Uniform
    • and more (if something is missing DM oliver)
  • New AST Command Unit vehicle
  • New message/twitter mute feature added to phone(under settings)
  • New DOC functionality to open/close DOC that restricts people being sent there
  • Several anti-cheat updates
  • Fixed uranium being able to be mined w/o the perk
  • Reduced vehicle pull out price of all vehicles from 1% to 0.5%
  • Added a maximum pull out price of $50,000
  • All pull out fees now go into the Government bank account
  • Changed boat gas station minimum USCG to 3 from 4
  • Change Labratory robbery time to 9 from 15
  • Buffed coral
  • Buffed asylum seekers
  • Buffed cartel money
  • Made it so DOL/DOR can get on DOC frequency
  • Added ATM to modshop
  • Meteor clearing for coppas fixed
  • Fixed vehicles not appearing in your garage till restart which also fixes insurance
  • Fixed RU556 taking ages to craft (AR15 santised)
  • Spectrum device added back to CGIS shop
  • Added 9x19mm AUG mags to crafting
  • Removed old police pc
  • Added Mint straps to illegal trader
  • Several optimization fixes
  • Timer added under the hud to help with reports/restarts/dating pictures
  •  Added marker to mcfishers/taco hell
  • Vehicle upgrades fixed
  • Fixed cabaro boat shop
  • Added boat shop to Pine
  • Fixed SRT lightbar texture
  • Fixed Tundra sound
  • JPC LEO vests fixed




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Ken Peek- Ken Foster

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