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Los Diablos 4.5.1 [Hotfix Changelog]

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Los Diablos 4.5.1
Here is the link to the 4.5 update: 

Hey everyone, I am over the moon with the success of 4.5, the large amount of new players, old players returning and the nice comments from the community have made the several hours of work all worth it so thank you fellas for that.

Launcher is still in beta testing we will release when we are happy with it.

Changes on this changelog include fixes we've pushed throughout the week

Arma 3 Sync:

Google Drive (Update only): https://drive.google.com/file/d/12q1rfkgTrIsOSaF8SrW3AgV_IikWUzUk/view?usp=sharing

Gooel Drive (Full): TBU

  • Lab changes
    • Lab heavily optimized reducing half of the poly counts
    • Reduced the amount of loot points from lab
    • Adjusted the loot table
    • You should not leave lab with more than $200,000 on average per lab run (if you price every c3 at $50,000). On occasion you should get some juicy loot like a lab led-x which is worth 1mill. If you make more dm me
    • All lab virtual items are sold at illegal trader
    • All lab virtual items obtained before this update should be discarded, an audit will be put through and anyone who is hoarding the abused lab loot will be entirely wiped.
  • Several map fixes
  • Warrent removal fixed
  • House door fixed
  • Burglary fixed
    • Police alerts
    • Selling to bikers
    • You should make $75,000 on average from this if you make more please DM me
  • Framework heavily optimized allowing us to hit we estimate 160-180 players (150 tested and worked great)
  • 2 new race tracks (designed by JF coded by ZKB)
  • Cops can now use racing app (Racing is illegal most of the time unless sanctioned by Gov)
  • Kabuki Evo added
  • BTC mining changes
    • You no longer mine offline (I know this annoying but its allowed us to heavily optimize BTC mining which was running 10 db query per rack every 10mins so 100 players with 4 racks each = 400 unneeded queries)
  • Nasa fixed
  • All gang tickets that have been passed pushed
  • Several fixes across factions
  • Laundromat doors fixed
  • Several racing changes/fixes

Heaps more changes but too many to write


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