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[AUCTION EVENT] Los Diablos Auction!!!

Jack Knight

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  • Moderator [Arma 3]

Los Diablos Auction

Time:  21:00 BST on September 5th

What are we selling?:

  • Unique vehicles
    • Monster truck
    • Mercedes Gwagon
    • Madmax car variants
    • and more
  • Cars at lower ranks for police, CG and Medics
  • Different sheriff command blessings
  • Custom Random Loadouts
  • Custom Sniper Loadouts


The event will be hosted by the Events team and all rewards redeemed will go through Jack Knight, Mort Higgins and Paul Phantom.

If you have any suggestions on what we could sell post it here 




Jack Knight

Florida State | Retired Senior Admin

The Original

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the ability for a officer to wear plain clothes like we had yesterday where you have to wear a vest and marked hat but almost any civ clothes

tints for police officers and the ability to upgrade you car to a certain tier with being a lower rank 



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@Jack Knight add a thing where we can get the SWAT Hawk for auction sell for CG. 

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On 10/6/2021 at 11:49 PM, Josephi Krakawski said:

Auction off peoples houses when they don't return to pay rent, or it gets taken by the REA/BANK

Join the Government discord, we usually do this when we confiscate houses (all be it quite rarely it has happened several times).


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