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Community Meeting Recap

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Hey everyone, thanks for coming to the community meeting if you could make it the recording above is about an hour long and has a lot of good discussions in relation to issues.

Main points:

  • Major crimes should not be lasting more than an hour, civilians and cops both need to make an effort for this to happen.\
    • Civilians are suggested to be more creative with their strategies, using externals and hostages.
    • Cops are encouraged to push as a team and not sit 100 meters out roaching.
  • Toxicity amongst each other needs to stop, we're all here to have fun. We are a community not enemies. Act your age.
  • Give medics the time of day when being revived from them, they save your kits.. if they're not there you lose your kits. #WeLoveMedics
  • Over response is a myth.
  • A reminder of NLR and what you can remember after being revived
  • Coastguard are fun to play with, give them some love when it comes to server activies.
  • Cops aren't there to be puppets for civilians, they're there to have fun as well. Don't be toxic to them for doing their job. Vice versa for cops.
  • Don't be toxic, we're all here to have fun.

If I forgot anything please write it on the thread!

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1 hour ago, Papa Pug said:

Ty all for the meeting!

Dont scew court cases.  They are higher lvl of rp and you only delay justice, not stop it. Not realistic to go raid a courthouse, bad rp.  If you want to brake folks out got do it DOC or get folks in transport...better non toxic rp

+100 for this, shouldn’t even need to be said 

| Lewis Castiglione ~ Eddy O'Neil Ex-Castiglione | Ex Rancher |

| Ex Corrections Deputy x2 |  

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