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Looking for 2 config developers and 2 texture developers

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Hi everyone, we're missing a few key positions in the development team and I would like to fill them.

Requirements to join the development team

  • Age 16+
  • Initiative
    • We're not looking for someone who needs to be told what to do, we're looking for someone who will make an effort to expand their skills on their own and help where they can.
  • Mature and not annoying
    • We hang out in discord a lot together, we want someone that can mesh with the group well
  • Previous experience
    • We're not looking to do much teaching, only looking for people who know what they're doing and only require small amounts of guidance.
  • A good reputation within ANZUS
    • You can't be a known rule breaker and if you are a rule breaker you must be willing to take punishments, we have no time for anyone who expects to be treated differently.
  • Willing to dedicate a lot of time to helping the community
    • Several of us spent 16 hours a day for a month(not an over exaggeration) straight pre-4.5 to get the update ready, if you don't have free time to spare that you're willing to dedicate to the community/development team then please don't apply. We understand everyone has different stuff happening in their life and the positions open are only fit for people who have free time on their hands.

What would a config developer do in the ANZUS development team?

  • Dealing with new gang uniforms and tickets
  • Dealing with tiering of new vehicles
  • Adding new weapons/clothing to the shop configs
  • General helping on basic config tasks such as crafting changes, vehicle handling and more

What would a texture developer do in the ANZUS development team?

  • Work on new uniform/vests/guns requested by myself or factions
  • Help with small tasks for model developers such as changing Kings County to Los Diablos

How to apply:

Put an application here: https://www.anzus.life/forum/482-developer-applications/
For texture developers include an extensive portfolio and make sure you include previous experience, please put all images into a imgur album for easier accessibility.

Note: As a config/texture developer you can only hit the rank of Junior developer, you will need to expand your skills further then above to get Full developer which has benefits such as FBI. But joining the team will open some doors for you to do so if you are willing to put the time in.

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