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Los Diablos 4.7 Changelog [NEW PRISON, 200+ NEW QUESTS AND MORE!]

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Thank you to all the developers who helped on this update.

Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tVwu2NbzECknpwHEJ3JafcFnGp0St3BK/view?usp=sharing
Google Drive Full: https://drive.google.com/file/d/18a9YyHW8BdiUMyKEBu2Kt78GVubCFl33/view?usp=sharing

How to update with google drive: https://youtu.be/aEONUeyQ7ME
Arma 3 Sync:


  • Brand NEW Prison
    • Cafetria
    • Kitchen
    • Visit Room
    • Waiting Room
    • Sewers
    • Open internal cellblock
    • Photo room
    • Clothing room
    • Medical room
    • Gym
    • Bathroom
    • Entire new prison layout with new fences, gates etc
    • New prison bridge
  • New Prison System
    • Prison Crafting System
    • Prison Job system
    • Prison Drug System with multiple effects
    • DOC gagging
    • Prison lockers
    • Many different ways to break out of jail
    • Shank rework
    • Prison Pocket (Put items in your butt)
  • 200+ New Quests
    • Quests for Civilians, Rebels, Cops, USCG and Medics
    • New quest UI
  • Map changes
    • Entirely new prison design
    • New academy design moved to DOC
    • Two new large residentials
    • New hospital layout in Langdale
    • Moved alkatraz to a different island
  • Card binder
    • Used to show all your collectable cards
  • New Cars
    • Gator (Currently DOC only but may add it to civs)
    • Cam Am Buggy (New and used cars for cheap)
    • Holden HSV (LEO only)
    • Ford Falcon (LEO only)
    • Jeep Cherokee (CGIS only)
    • BMW F93 HAMM
    • Challenger Unmarked Widebody (unique)
    • Tahoe 2015
    • BMW X6
  • Floating mailbox remembrance statue
  •  New Gang Clothing/Gear(If its missing in the shop please DM Oliver/Jack Knight)
    • Jamal Crime Family Uniform
    • Gentlemen Uniform
    • Baldmac Uniform/Helmet
    • Lance Chaston new gun
    • Max Farlands suit
    • Isaak Reds gun
    • Obest clothing
    • Cerberus Uniform
    • Andys gun
    • The Black Spades Uniform
    • Nathan Smith Gun
    • Resurge Gang Uniform
    • Ryan Hades Hat
  • New icons for virtual items
    • Steel
    • Unprocessed Steel
    • Mash
    • Moonshine
    • Nasa Artifact
    • Grenade Fuse
    • Remote Detonator
    • Splint
    • Coral
    • Iron Ore
    • Iron Processed
    • Nikos Head
    • Anubis Statues
    • Art Gallery Statues
  • Medic changes
    • New Tactical uniform
    • New Tiger skin
    • New Raptor skin
    • New Durango skin
    • New Charger SRT skin
  • New CG capture point North West of Port Elliot
  • New biker vests
  • New CGIS vests
  • Female Mafia Uniform added
  • You can no longer hear other players while dead(Its still against the rules to be toxic)
  • New female hair/faces added to server
  • New courier job on civilian
  • Court room panic button added
  • New protective uniform for EMS
  • New Tiger skin for EMS
  • Fixed Dominator and Challenger lightbars
  • Copy gang member loadout fixed
  • Fixed licence return showing in different languages
  • Fixed cartel/mobster red zone on decapture
  • Fixed admin target message(If you receive a staff message ingame, listen to it.
  • Gang ID is now displayed on gang menu
  • Perk point reset button now dispalyed on perks menu


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  • Developer [FiveM]
3 hours ago, Nex Nuestra said:

REALLY FUCKING pog boys. Im excited to smash all these quests out in a day. Hype hype


Good luck on all 180 of em xD

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  • Developer [FiveM]
2 hours ago, Saki Skai said:

I downloaded the latest version from GDrive multiple times and i get the jd_ui.pbo verification error. Any suggestions?

@Saki Skai Read the post in citizen-announcements

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Any opinions I give are from me as a player. Not as a staff member or developer. Unless stated otherwise.

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