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Los Diablos 4.7.5 [New vehicle identification system, New major and more!]

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Thank you to all the developers who helped on this update.

Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xPxLydyxvM4mP-LE1jTB4vcCOhBQSzRY/view?usp=sharing
Google Drive Full: To be updated

How to update with google drive: https://youtu.be/aEONUeyQ7ME
Arma 3 Sync:


  • New Tech Store Minor Crime
    • Ability to lockdown the building from the managers office
    • Ability to get graphics cards if lucky
    •  You get 25-60k per robbery
  • New USAF Major Crime
    • Simple major crime on the western island of the map
    • Complete rework of the entire island
  • New vehicle number plate and identification system
    • Added ability to steal and put on license plates from vehicles (persistent through restart)
    • Modshop can craft blank license plates and name them (if the plate exists on another car, the owner name and vehicle type will be copied)
    • LEO's vehicle radar now shows the vehicle's plate, plate owner and vehicle type registered to the vehicle
    • Each vehicle now as has unique VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)
    • Modshop is able to scratch off and reapply VIN's at the modshop (persistant through restart)
    • Stolen plates and VIN's are reset when retrieved from impound
    • Added Check Plate and Check VIN options on cars
    • Added Send Vehicle To Garage option for LEO's
    • Added Seize Vehicle option for LEO's
    • A strike will be added to the vehicle every time it is siezed. Unless the vehicle's VIN is scratched off. Higher strikes will be a higher impound fee (from 5% to 20%, capped at 500k)
    • Reduced impound fee to 5%
    • Changed cop impound pay to 1250 for impounding or seizing a vehicle
    • You can now store job vehicles
    • You can now store other players vehicles, as long as you have keys to the vehicle
    • Added cop/ems/uscg numbers under the 911 phone app
  • New Physical/Virtual Item Storage in ALL Houses/Faction Buildings
    • You have 2 weeks to move all your stuff from either the auction house or house crates to your new storage. After 2 weeks all containers will be deleted and the new system will be the primary system
  • New Memory Point interaction system
    • Now will show text on memory points you can interact with to help newer players
  • New Event System
    • Fully scripted event system created by Lobo that allows you to save your gear, get teleported and give permissions to lower ranks in the events team without effecting the server
  • Map changes
    • New Heroin Processing
    • New USAF Base
    • New Rebel base
    • Some minor changes/fixes to Diablos City
    • Danglale Hospital Changes
    • Danglale PD changes
    • Other miscellaneous bug fixes / minor changes
  • Alkatraz Changes
    • You now can find objects in bins to then sell to a shop
    • If you manage to get $10,000 cash you can get smuggled out onto a jetski, CG get notified
    • You can now play flappy birds via a sign
  • Cruise control added
    • Use R Key to activate (Rebind with UserAction15)
  • Speed limiter added
    • Use Z Key to activate (Rebind with UserAction17)
  • Autorun added
    • Use 0 Key to activate
  • New Gang Stuff
    • Gentlemens Club shorts
    • Green Demons
    • Jama Crime Family Vets Fixed
    • Mongrel
    • Pink Panther Camo uniforms
    • The Company uniform
    • The Company Bike Uniform
    • Clueless uniform
    • Cowboyhats fixed
    • Noremac Beret
    • Hinkley uniform
    • Tenkashie uniforms
    • Noremac Formal
    • Clueless gang uniform
    • Russian Panther uniform/vest
  • New LDRS stuff
    • TRU uniform, vest & helmet
    • Hellcat helicopter
    • LDRS 2015 Tahoe
    • Reduced weight on some of the ems items
    • Black & Red Beret
  • New LDSO stuff
    • 2015 tahoes for all Dept
    • New belt with & without radio & relective vest
    • New light for 2015 tahoes (PD=BlueRed, EMS=RedRed, CG=BlueBlue)
    • BMW X6 Sheriff
    • BMW X6 SWAT
    • BMW X6 DOC
    • BMW X6 CHP
  • New USCG stuff
    • BMW X6 USCG
    • BMW X6 MSRT
    • BMW X6 CGIS
    • BMW X6 JAGC
  • New Government stuff
    • Tahoe 15 Governor
    • Tahoe 15 Government
    • Tahoe 15 DOJ
    • Tahoe 15 Governor Emergency Lights
  • Tier changes
    • Fixed CID/CGIS unmarked Tahoe's engine power going down instead of up. 
    • Fixed max speed of FBI unmarked Tahoe
    • Nerfed the BMW M8 top speed (horse power still the same)
    • Added Insurgent
    • Added BMW X6 USCG
    • Added BMW X6 USCG Reserve
    • Added BMW X6 MSRT
    • Added BMW X6 CGIS
    • Added BMW X6 JAGC
    • Added LDRS Tahoe 
    • Added LDRS BMW X6
    • Added REA Range Rover
    • Added BMW X6 Sheriff
    • Added BMW X6 SWAT
    • Added BMW X6 DOC
    • Added BMW X6 CHP 
  • New Halloween masks added to clothing shop
  • Soubway Truck added
  • Soubway cap added
  • New Biker Vests
  • New Mafia Vehicle
  • Cop/EMS/CG numbers now show on dispatch app
  • New Brewing Job at DOC to help create bombs
  • Adjusted lab timers so its not permanently lab majors
  • Fixed lab major crime timer
  • You can no longer spawn at DOC if the evidence locker major is active
  • DOC missing sewer grate fixed
  • DOC pedestrian gate fixed
  • DOC cleaning job fixed (Slade)



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Good Update, Can't wait to get unbanned and play lmfao. #freetheboys

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