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Los Diablos 4.8 [Massive Gang Changes, New Police HQ and more!]

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Thank you to all the developers who helped on this update.

Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xPxLydyxvM4mP-LE1jTB4vcCOhBQSzRY/view?usp=sharing
Google Drive Full: https://drive.google.com/file/d/18a9YyHW8BdiUMyKEBu2Kt78GVubCFl33/view?usp=sharing

How to update with google drive: https://youtu.be/aEONUeyQ7ME
Arma 3 Sync:

  • Gang hideout system
    • Ability to level up your gang and gain perk points
      • Get exp from getting charms, killing people within capture points, having people process at your locations and decapturing/capturing mafia/cartel
    • Ability to spend perk points and gang funds on gang hideout upgrades
    • Possible upgrades
      • Security (Make it harder to break in, set up booby traps etc)
      • Storage (Ability to upgrade your storage to hold more items and dirty money)
      • Add a car garage
      • Add a air garage
      • Ability to have rebel at your gang hideout
      • Upgrade your processing areas so its faster for people to process
      • Crafting station with x2 crafting speed
      • Weed farm to grow high-grade weed the 2nd best run in the server
        • Complete unique weed growing system
      • Meth lab to make high-grade meth the best run in the server.
        • Complete unique meth creation system
    • New drug system for high-grade meth and weed
      • Ability to lower recoil/sway by 30% by smoking the best weed
      • Ability to have 25% more armor by smoking the best meth
    • Charm system
      • Kill other gang members with charms to strip their charms to give your gang XP which will give you the ability to upgrade your hideout
    • Gang drug drop system for new drugs
      • Start a drug drop which spawns a plane, CG get notified
      • Load drugs into the plane
      • Fly out to the water and drop the plane from mid air
      • It takes 5 minutes for the cartel to pick up the drug crate from the water if CG seize it before then its lost
      • Large squad KOS zone is active when the drug is dropped
  • New Police HQ
    • Front entrance
    • Press room
    • Detective offices
    • Command offices
    • Armoury
    • Holding Cells
    • Processing/line up locations
    • Underground parking
    • Meeting room
    • More will be added next update
  • New cars
    • Ratloader (Normal civilian shop)
    • Stafford (Mafia vehicle shop)
    • F93Hamm Police (Unique)
    • Marshall (Will be auctioned)
  • New job center
  • New corner store
  • New camera when dead so you can look around
  • New gloves
  • New gang uniforms
    • Nathan Melong unique uniform
    • The company uniform changes
    • Daves gun
    • Mongrel mob uniform changes
    • New nuestra uniform
    • Cocaine cowboy uniforms
    • Lillehagen uniforms
  • Reworked level system completely, you will now get a lot more perks the higher your level goes
    • Free perk reset has been given to everyone.
  • Several CG base building changes
  • Honda Civic Armour nerfed to the same as other vehicles
  • Drag body system
    • Ability to drag bodies (its a bit scuffed but its the best we got right now)
  • Claiming fixed
  • Restraining corpses fixed
  • Stretcher from ambulances fixed
  • License quest fixed
  • DOC fixes
    • Scrapping job fixed
    • Cleaning job fixed
    • Cooking job fixed
    • Phone booths fixed
    • DOC wall repair fixed
    • Cloth gathering fixed
    • Close all option for cells fixed
    • Inmates now spawn in new uniform
    • DOC lockdown sound fixed
    • DOC computer fixed
    • Climbable toilets fixed


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Wish I could be there to experience it 🥺🤟🏾 Good work devs

                                                           Tyrone Rogue/Cassidy Michaels

        rendered-1.thumb.png.d344f458fdb2fe18a17df997a919bbb7.png.34c58bdc39ac9ce32e17c8cae48ac7cd.png.e09def5c6601835adfa4043d743f0e17.png      R.I.P  Reapers |Retired CID Detective |Retired Moderator   RUwheTe.png.c71411c5c744b226ee9514528b3d59a3.png                                                           twitch.tv/tyronerogue | Kieran Smells like beef

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