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Los Diablos 4.9 [NEW MAJOR, CHRISTMAS UPDATE!, New Gate System, Racing update, and more!]

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  • Developer [FiveM]


Thank you to all the developers who helped on this update.

Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iUwCOWKhckHXkRoqXjzdrjNdMF_mAyqk/view?usp=sharing
Google Drive Full: TBD

How to update with google drive: https://youtu.be/aEONUeyQ7ME
Arma 3 Sync:

This update is a bit smaller then normal. The dev team is working extremely hard on 5.0. But we still wanted to give you guys something while you're waiting on 5.0 and for Christmas, so enjoy :)

  • New Car Dealership Major Crime (Old one is back until 5.0)
  • New gate system
    • When in a vehicle press ctrl+f (rebind in controls) to open/close the nearest gate
    • Open/close bollards, DOC gates, PD gates, PD garage ect. (requires keycard)
    • Gangs can open the doors of their gang hideout
  • Added Christmas tree in LD square with very nice presents underneath
  • Added presents scattered around the map. Find them for a nice reward
  • Added Christmas themed clothing
  • Updated racing system
    • Added 2 new car tracks
    • Added 3 new air tracks
    • Added automatic server race events
    • Added the ability to change checkpoint and race line colors
    • Multiple quality of life and bug fixes
  • Added smaller transport truck with half the rewards which spawns at 35 players online
  • Added controls for DOC to open/close bridge controls
  • Added Nigh vision to Death cam
  • Added Death chat (press shift+0 to activate)
  • Added more cover on USS Boyd close to the walls
  • Fixed USS Boyd red zone size
  • Added additional rooms to PD
  • Fixed PD garage disliking cars
  • Made gang members spawn with their charm when respawning
  • Updated gang EXP gain
    • Set gang EXP for turning in a charm to 250
    • Set gang EXP for killing in capture zone while wearing a charm to 200
    • Set gang EXP for capturing a capture zone to 500
    • Set gang EXP for capturing cartel/mobster to 500
    • Set gang EXP for a player processing at your processor to 1 for each item processed
  • Fixed medic missions
    • 3 types of missions, car fire, house call and search unconscious person
    • Fixed medic break down door
    • Added options for medics to lockup house
  • Fixed cop house raiding
  • Fixed/buffed gang hideout weed farming



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we love devs

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  • 2 months later...

#WeLoveDoug #WeLoveDevs

I just wanna say my thanks to Doug and the dev team for doing what they do best. I’ve enjoyed every single update that has been put out (Even 5.1) The amount of hours that Doug and the Dev team have put into making updates is wild. I’m thankful for everyone who donates and the sponsorships Doug gets for his stream. Mainly because that money is being put back into making the server the best. I wish Doug and the team a lot of non stressful weeks of developing.




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