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Heartless Anarchists Official Gang Application

Bailey Sharplin

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Heartless Anarchists Official Gang Application

Gang Name: Heartless Anarchists
Gang Leader: Bailey Sharplin
Gang Leader Discord: Imposing#3244

Brief Summary Of Your Gang: Our gang has been around since mid 2017 Our Current roster are all players who originally come from the vanilla ARMA life scene after a long break from ARMA and the vanilla servers all but dead we made the decision to try our hand on ANZUS and have a go at modded life so far we are really enjoying it between us we have over 80,000 hours in ARMA 3 and we are excited of the prospect to totally learning something from scratch once again our world revolves around having fun and enjoying our time while playing  I can assure you we are more than capable of exceeding the minimum requirements for majors a week as we just love combat although we are not shy of the roleplay side required for the server and we hope our enjoyment of combat  brings some excitement for gangs and cops alike we are eager to bolster our already large group of mainly Australian Players with some new players and you can find our Recruitment Page here - Click Here and our Roster Here - Click Here

Do you have a uniform available?: We are currently working on a uniform will advise once complete.

List of players (INCLUDING STEAM64ID):

Gang Member 1: Bailey Sharplin - 76561198319900435
Gang Member 2: Jake Tyson - 76561198065416310
Gang Member 3: Tamati Smith - 76561198095202379
Gang Member 4: Mathew Wallace - 76561198428112236
Gang Member 5: Jesse Blackwell - 76561198054957243
Gang Member 6: Xian Lee Wun Ron-Chee - 76561198074486570
Gang Member 7: Nat Cortez - 76561198202073364
Gang Member 8: James DAMICO - 76561198135391932
Gang Member 9: Charle Coastie - 76561198107225920
Gang Member 10: Liam Dave - 76561198132961467
Gang Member 11: Matty Hughes - 76561198059734643
Gang Member 12: Damien Rush - 76561198130681089
Gang Member 13: Wyatt Hudson - 76561198072302870
Gang Member 14: Rajesh Kaputi - 76561198215446509
Gang Member 15: Joey Goobler - 76561198139843283
Gang Member 16: James Franklin - 76561198231008872
Gang Member 17: Jesse cooper - 76561199012970146
Gang Member 18: Antonio Martini - 76561198330469310
Gang Member 19: Elijah Moe - 76561198075809110

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