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The Vigilantes - Official Gang Application

Nos Narco

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Gang Name: The Vigilantes
Gang Leader: Barney Ross
Gang Leader Discord: trinqzy#5934

Brief Summary Of Your Gang: The Vigilantes were a small group back in the anzus 3.0 days that enjoyed combat but never made it the big leagues. [Official]
Now we are back hungrier for the officical position. We started from nothing and are doing our best to be the top. Our group loves
roleplay but also love using our guns. We are returning as we want to see where the adventure of grizzly peaks take us.

Do you have a uniform available:



List of players (INCLUDING STEAM64ID):

Member 1: Barney Ross (76561198447063945)

Member 2: Sicko Spade (76561198795911102)

Member 3: Moe Kush (76561198240795978)

Member 4: Danny Snyder (76561198798887987)

Member 5: Jacob Allen (76561198202075946)

Member 6: Ryan Allen (76561198070867191)

Member 7: Marcoupias Wermann (76561198107178194)

Member 8: Ivan Volkov (76561198193414707)


Founder of The Vigilantes 

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Great Gang, Small and I hope to see them expand. I have had only good encounters and good RP.

Previous: SPQR Anzus Founder | Coast Guard: Aviation Seaman | KCSO: Cadet | Senior Support | LDSO: DOC Deputy | Support | Cocaine Cowboys: KingPin / High Command |  CC / OG
Current: Ordinary Mother Fucker | LSEMS:  Paramedic in Charge | Weazel News COO |  Saints 3rd Command


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