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Seagull Gang Application

Jojo Bango

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Gang Name: Seagull Gang
Gang Leader: Jojo Bango
Gang Leader Discord: ZUBER#1774

Brief Summary Of Your Gang: We are a group of people who are playing together since 3 years, and one day we decided to play on anzus it was the V3 and after a month we were official and we even play gang wars and won one. After that we keeped playing on it and we even start to play on the V4 at its start, but some of us got bored and stoped to play arma 3. 
Since the begening of the V5 we found new interest to play on anzus so we here to play again together and fly on the other team like seagull.


Do you have a uniform available: Yes



List of players :

Member 1: Jojo Bango  

Member 2: Brayan Furie 

Member 3: Calvin Snyder  

Member 4: Nick Thamer 

Member 5: Lucien Pilon 

Member 6: Sam Paco 

Member 7: Jackie Nunuz

Member 8: Chesta Piccolo

Member 9: Mitchell Piccolo

Member 10: Eugene Piccolo

Member 11: Bashar Jackson

Member 12: Giovanni Money

Member 13: Marco Polo



If you want to be recruited send me a message


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