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The Peaky Blinders - Gang Application

Marcel Claude

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Gang Name: The Peaky Blinders
Gang Leader: Drogo Maror
Gang Leader Discord: Claude#7650

Brief Summary Of Your Gang:

The Peaky Blinders are a historical gang from the streets of England. Having recently moved to Grizzly Peaks for new financial conquests. The gang is not PVP orientated and is more concerned about the business on goings in the local area with the intent to launch a new industrial enterprise bringing riches to all members of the family. The establishment is always welcoming new family members and helping them take the step forward to becoming a blinder. We will however capture mobster and other capture zones for obvious reasons.

Do you have a uniform available: We do not have a uniform but there is items in the donator shop we would like to use, a suit with a flap cap and a custom inscription on the suit. Also a holster on the chest would be ideal. The photo below is an idea of what we would want. More then happy to pay and work with admins on the creation and implementation of the uniform!

If Yes please post a picture In this format [Front and back]


List of players (INCLUDING STEAM64ID):


Drogo Maror • 76561198078060159

Captain’s Claw

Carl Williams • 76561198178871866


Captain’s Gun

Joshua Weston • 367854370097725440
Jayden Blueberry • 


Seasoned Members

Tom Foy • 76561198079439022

Cooter Flood • 76561198145714632


Clean Skin

Joshua tree • 

Mike Head • 76561198120816691  

David Fizdale •
Chris Winters •

Connor Hale • 76561198152852357


I am in the process of getting every ones steam ID, for reference our roster is HERE

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