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CTRG, Explained.

Matt Darhk

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Combat Technology Research Group1200756063_output-onlinepngtools(1).png.2d4d13450493a5faba56d6091bf40ea6.png

What is CTRG?

CTRG otherwise known as Combat Technology Research Group is a specialized faction that contains some of the best combat oriented people on the server. It will be a whitelisted faction that can carry out special operations with different factions and groups. CTRG’s main objective is to create a level playing field for all groups on the server. This is to try and keep one group from dominating another. For instance if a certain gang is obliterating cops then CTRG might align with cops, but if cops are doing the same to other gangs then CTRG may assist them. CTRG can be called by all groups on the server including LEOs.


How Will Alliances work?

CTRG will have the ability to work with different groups as well as also act as a solo entity. When CTRG is aligned with a group it will be shown in the bottom right of your screen while also broadcasting it to the island where you will be shown our uniforms and who we are aligned with.



When CTRG is aligned with a specific group they will carry initiation in all situations that the parties are involved in. For example if someone does a major and CTRG is working with LEOs then the gang doing the major will have initiation on cops and CTRG. Keep in mind that CTRG will always wear their specific uniforms no matter who they are aligned with.  Some activities CTRG can be request for are as follows:


LEOs: Major Crimes, Large Gang Fights, Specialized Operations and more...

Gangs: Major Crimes, Legal/Illegal Runs, Capture Zones, Conflict and more...


CTRG Roster

The roster can be found  here .



Applying to CTRG is a simple process, simply proceed to the CTRG section of the forums and find the Application Template Form.

Once you've completed your application, please allow up to 21 days for it to be processed by a member of command.

CTRG Colonel SWAT Commander | SERT Commander | GC SG 424 DND

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