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Grizzly Peaks 5.0.5 Changelog [2 New Majors, New helicopter, Plastic surgery and more!]

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Google Drive(Update only): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FzHSsUe2x6KDgfsozTzRQxMUnMWuNhF_/view?usp=sharing
Google Drive (Full): WILL BE UPLOADED ASAP
Arma 3 Sync:

You must delete all your old bisigns refer to discord #5-point-5-information channel to know how.
Thanks to all the developers who contributed to this update!

  • Federal Bank implementation
    • Rob federal bank with a Green USB and Green Laptop
    • Obtain federal bank blue prints by robbing Fort Knox, 10% chance for Blue Prints to spawn when you rob Fort Knox
    • $7,500,000 reward for full completion.
    • Two mini-games to get through the vault doors, they're very difficult so be ready for a challenge. It is meant to be hard, but it is possible we have no intent to make it easier. 
    • All cops can respond, once it activates DOC must be instantly closed. Prison lifers must go to sleep and all of DOC must respond as well.
  • New Car Dealership Building
    • Located in Chapman Streams
    • Rob the safe for to steal a sports car which you sell at chop n dock for a reward of $750,000-$1,300,000
  • Plastic Surgery System
    • You can now get your face changed in-game by medics and have surgery RP
  • New Maverick Civilian Helicopter
    • 7 News Livery available at the mod shop
  • Fridge upgrades added to houses
  • Sink upgrades added to houses
  • Fridge added to all 3 fast food resturants
  • New blood drive system
    • All players are assigned a blood type
    • Medics can take, and give blood
  • New kidney stealing system
    • You can now steal peoples kidneys and sell them to an illegal trader
    • Medics can do kidney transplants for people with no kidneys
  • EMS Quadbike added
  • EMS TRU Uniform/Vest/helmet added
  • EMS Tiger added for Martial Law/Red Zones
  • Gang XP/Level now shows on the gang menu
  • Change firehouse to firehose (your typo)
  • Added firehose to all medic fire trucks
  • Added wildfires (on trial if performance is effected even slightly it will be removed)
  • Added change to have fire when cooking food
  • Added kidney's as reward to ems organ transport
  • Several new gang/personal clothing added
    • The Company formal uniforms fixed
    • Noremac Helmet added
    • Resurge gang uniform set added
    • Bojack uniform set added
    • Nuestra new uniform set added
    • Green demons uniform added
    • Tyler Davis uniform added
    • Heartless Anarchist uniform set added
    • Jens Bruning bandana added
    • Kingsmen MC combat vest added
    • Pimp Chimping stupid skeleton uniform added
    • Lee bread custom uniform added
    • Cocaine cowboy new uniform set added
    • BBC new uniforms added
    • Peter clark guns added
    • New dirty bandit uniforms added
    • Seagull uniform set added
    • Wildcard uniform set added
    • Lee bread cap added
    • Lee bread van added
  • Several new personal cars added
    • Noremac Mitchell Patriot Humvee
    • Jesse Tigerwood Champion
    • Jack Chapman Gauntlet
    • Seska Scofield Club
    • Tyrell Lee Dubsta
  • DOJ budget increased so court security dept now has the money to buy a larger tie for their uniform AKA new tie on CS uniform + new headgear
  • Mining is now a toggle(Similar to gathering, you can thank pug)
  • Command SUVs
  • New election debate stage added
  • Fish burgers added to all restaurants (One is called "Louies Mum" the other is called "Smells Familiar" 
  • Medic missions re-written
  • License system re-written
  • Lots of Government/DOJ whitelisting changes
  • Faction budgets adjusted
  • Server will now repair all objects
  • Food hub uniform and vehicle added
  • Restaurant chairs fixed
  • Crown Vic Lightbars adjusted
  • Invisible primary added to EMS so they can drag
  • Fixed Shreman Trailer Park
  • F-550 Interior fixed
  • Saloon back door fixed
  • Twitter app times fixed
  • CTRG Hummingbird added (No skids)
  • New RVMAT for faction berets
  • Added lights to dim cities/areas
  • Fixed kobura vest/holster
  • Moved nightclub doors to new system
  • Fixed meat/hide icons
  • Windows key and F key can now be reboud via CBA controls in your settings
  • Fixed Casino Geometry issues
  • Extended fire house range
  • Removed btcrack from shops
  • Added heli spawnpoints for gang houses
  • Fix weed processing outside of building
  • Fix national
  • Added medic garage to DOC
  • Fix boat dealership major
  • Fix seizing plants that are not plants
  • Make players with jailtime spawn in Alcatraz if doc is closed
  • Fix mobster/cartel capture when capping player disconnects
  • Fix hunting app icon
  • Fix gangster house
  • Added markers for boatshop on bd island
  • Fix robbing museum bones then player disconnects
  • Fix majorcrime timers
  • Fix packing up medic drone
  • Fix cops seizing plants
  • Add pistol mags to SWAT shop
  • Fix redwater pd car spawnpoint
  • Fix faction properties spawnpoints
  • Fix signs in modshop
  • Fix drugbox from jail
  • Fix real estate agent fee
  • Fix nightclub doors
  • Fix handing in asylum seekers for police
  • Fix conquest payout
  • Allow DOJ to access GPS settings on phone
  • Fix dirty money cleaning quest text
  • Fix REA spawnpoint
  • Fix cop quests
  • Fixed pay bill for subway
  • Fix MAA air and boat shop
  • Fix capzone capping from MSP
  • Fix escaping from jail when killed
  • Fix REA arresting
  • Taking kidney's requires hunting knife
  • You can sell kidney's at illegal trader
  • Give keys to van for produce runs
  • Added more spawnpoints for produce run vans
  • Make harvesting animals give the same meat type regardless of hunting season
  • Disable bitcoin interactions
  • Fix cartel/mobster crate access
  • Removed floating thing
  • Make REA show up in the phonebook as Revenue Enforcement
  • Increased conquest points to 2000 from 500
  • Set conquest reward to 250 gang xp and 75k for every gang that participated
  • Make conquest menu not show when conquest finishes
  • Fix rea send to jail
  • Add NVG's to REA shop
  • Fix getting stuck in Alcatraz
  • Fix REA terminate worker button
  • Fix ticket pay all
  • Fix add EMS Buddy
  • Fix spawning under DOC as lifer
  • Fix cop numbers still counting DOC when DOC is open
  • Added bar shop to saloon
  • Fixed panic button in second courtroom
  • Allow doj and gov to crash tackle
  • Fix penal code link
  • Fix housing storage amount
  • Fix car dealership major
  • Fix auction house pricing
  • Fix mob/cartel transport missio crates
  • Fix bleedout in conflict zones
  • Removed radar station quests
  • Fixed steel processing message
  • Fixed DOJ opening court
  • Fix capzone not displaying group name when stopping to cap zone
  • Moved unknown seller
  • Patched holes on the railway tunnel near mobster base
  • Removed floaty thing near embassy
  • Fix getting nearest location for robbing stores
  • Added ATM to Bergville gas station
  • Replaced pizza delivery quest with FoodHub
  • Lower hunger and thirst rate when in a car (same rate as when walking)
  • Fix being able to jump over DOC fence from metal gathering
  • Fix being able to jump though DOC fence from basketball court
  • Fix cocaine processor at Ericsson Square being outside of building
  • Removed Ericsson Square clinic
  • Fix duplicate signs at gas station in Bergville
  • Fix impound send to garage
  • Fix leaving gang
  • Fix text in patrol bounties saying 10min
  • Fix Brooksfield bank
  • Fix ems and police computer
  • Fix being able to call without radio
  • Fix twitter faction colors
  • Fix meteorite cleanup progressbar
  • Fix bus stop names
  • Fix paycheck marker in Redwater
  • Add marker to Carter's Gas Station
  • Make DOC numbers not count towards cop when DOC is open in 911 app
  • Fix NASA take artifact
  • Fix kills in capzones not counting towards quest and gang exp
  • Fix dying in conflict zones


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Magnificent piece of work. 

Superior Court/Appellate Judge for the Great State of Kamden - Paramedic/Hazmat/Firefighter Kamden Medical Department  

Retired Superior Court Judge for the Great State of Montana. Retired Magistrate for the State of Alaska

Mitchell McConaughey

Amateur LoneWolf Criminal  Elijah Carti - Former Kings County Sheriff Deputy   | twitch.tv/chronicchonchodemordecai


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awsome job dev team, and epic trailer Elliot 



                                                                | HMT  | APES | Gangsters |Kingsmen MC President

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