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USOG - Official Gang Application

Troy Anderson

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Gang Name: USOG
Gang Leader: Troy Anderson
Gang Leader Discord: Marsendji#6299

Brief Summary Of Your Gang: We are refugees from the island of Altis most of us are former Rebel Fighters from a group known as the North-East Rebel Alliance. we have searched for a suitable place for us to take refuge and now we finally have a place for us to call home we are formally declaring ourselves USOG and we look forward to making a name for our group

Do you have a uniform available: Right now we're just using clothes out of the clothing store we will soon be getting our own uniform

List of players (INCLUDING STEAM64ID):

Member 1: Troy Anderson (76561198084399595)
Member 2: Roy Anderson (76561198069462141)

Member 3: Olive Anderson (76561197960287930)

Member 4: Gerry Cullihins (76561198201814501)

Member 5: Jason Lynch (76561198171446010)

Member 6: Chris O'Connor (76561198170439869)

Member 7: Robert Kelly (76561198057002324)

Member 8: Ryan Ripple (76561198043779491)

Member 9:  Harold Smith (76561198101401063)

Member 10: Attila Hun (76561198092176046)

Member 11: Johnny Anderson (76561198118122295)

Member 12: Jacob Harper (76561198213846103)

Member 13: Salka Taco (76561198170684066)

Member 14: Liam Monkey (76561199041830197)

Member 15: Avon Khalifa (76561198141507850)

Member 16: Jaydy Falachini (76561198379256202)

Member 17: Dot Norway (76561198203072630)

Member 18: Monty Anderson (76561198092080865)

Member 19: Randy Floor (76561198124674788)

Member 20: Khye Drake (76561198156288564)

Member 21: Joshua Weston (76561198079663117)

Member 22: Martin Herman (76561198136589358)

Member 23: Steve Handson (76561198196808719)

Member 24: Alex Veloucci (76561198058479106)

Member 25: Matthew Veloucci (76561198199082407)

Member 26: Rose White (76561198031057909)


|United Subsidiaries of Grizzly Peaks|

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