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Grizzly Peaks 5.2 Changelog [Civilian Warehouse, Gang Turfs, Gang Wars and more!]

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Google Drive(Update only): 

Google Drive(Full): Will be uploaded
Arma 3 Sync:

  • Civilian Warehouses
    • Advanced Crafting Station
      • 10-20% faster crafting based on upgrades
      • Required to make class 4s
      • Required to make high tier class 3s
    • Dirty Money Storage
    • Clean Money Storage
    • Window Covers
      • Multiple tiers with more security
    • Fridge
    • Group Storage
    • Private Storage
    • Document Forging Station
      • Similar to a crafting station but make fake ids
    • Processing Station
      • Ability to process certain ores at this location
      • Requires fuel or electricity to run
    • Drug Room
      • Ability to create a meth lab to create meth like gang hideouts
    • Major Planning Room
      • There is a billboard in the major planning room which you can set to any IMGUR.com link you want
      • You can see all major payouts, max cop responses etc
      • Major planning system
        • Pre-set up getaway vehicles
    • Beehives
    • Helipad
  • Gang Turfs
    • All locations on the map are marked with a color, gangs can set what color they are defined as
    • The gang with the highest reputation on the turf owns the turf
    • Ways to get reputation
      • Killing a gang member in the turf
      • Killing a cop in the turf
      • Having a worker or gang member deliver drugs within the turf
      • and more!
    • If you own the turf you get 5% of all legal sales within that turf (Protection money)
  • Gang Wars
    • Ability to initiate a gang war on other gangs
    • Ability to wager a number of gang funds
    • If initiated at a gang war turf reputation is x2 if its the enemy turf or your turf.
  • Job System Rework
    • Removed unused jobs, keeping foodhub driver, trash worker, bus driver, cropduster and courier
    • Buffed all jobs to make about 75k an hour. Up to 125k at level 3
    • Added trash at businesses for trash workers to pickup
    • Made it so a trash truck fills up and has to be emptied at the Grizzly Peaks Dump
    • Added chance to find random stuff in trash 
    • Added crop-dusting plants, speeding up their growth
    • Added call bus at bus stops
    • Fixed courier delivery locations
    • Made it so job buddy's only get payed when near each other
    • Added RealTaxi company
    • Added Vantage Towing company
  • Drug Delivery Rework
    • Added cocaine drug deliveries
      • You must buy a baggie from a gas station/super market and use it to bag the cocaine up to drop it off (Similar to joint rolling)
    • Added meth drug deliveries
      • You must buy a baggie from a gas station/super market and use it to bag the meth up to drop it off (Similar to joint rolling)
    • Added shroom drug deliveries 
      • You must buy a capsule from a gas station/super market and use it to cap the shrooms up to drop it off (Similar to joint rolling)
    • You gain TURF reputation for delivering drugs at houses
  • Gang Clothing Added
    • Noremac Gun
    • BooguWu Femboiz Uniform/Vest/Cap
    • Zephyr Bandana/Beret/Vest/Hoodie/Training Uni
    • HMT Uni/Vest/Boonie/Cap 
    • The Commision Uni/Vest/Hat
    • Trick Mask Bong 
    • Andrew Lee Cowboy Hat
    • USOG Uni/Vest/Hat
    • GFK Vest/Uni/Mask/Hat
    • Austin Flint Uni/Vest/Hat
    • La Cosa Nostra Vest
    • Pawn Shop Uniform
    • Updated Biker Prospect Patch
  • New Civilian/Donator Backpacks (All have equivalent space to the Invis Backpack)
    • Civilian Backpack (Astra/Black/Vrana)
      Assault Backpack (Default/Black/Brown)
      Sport Duffle Bag (Black/Blue/Green/Purple/Red)
      Civilian Sport Backpack (Green/Red/Black)
      Viper Harness (Black/Olive)
      Viper Light Harness (Black/Olive)
      Tac Pack (Black)
      Static Titan Backpack (Green/Tan)
      BOSS Portfolio Bag (Black/Green/Camo/Red)
      Messenger Bag (Black/Coyote/Gray/Olive)
      Lacoste Duffle Bag (Red Camo/Green/White Camo/Camo/Brown/Brown Alt/Red/Blue/Violet/Black/Black Alt)
      Halftrack Backpack (Black/Coyote/WetEarth)
      Shoulder Bag (Black/Beige/Brown)
      Carryall Backpack (Green/Olive/Urban/Woodland)
      Assault Pack (Black/Coyote)
      Fanny Pack
      Tool Belt (Modshop/Repair Job)
      Bikers Backpack (Kingsmen MC)
      Rucksack Backpack`
  • Gang Menu Changes
    • Moved around some things for QoL
    •  Added buttons for the following
      • Gang Wars
      • Gang Logs
      • Gang Tree
      • Accessing gang leaderboards (xp & bank)
      • Gang Recruitment (forums)
      • Gang Fight system
      • Categorised Logging System
        • A categorised log menu which can be implemented for a variety of purposes.
        • Currently implemented in the new Gang Logs menu for gang leaders to keep track of events occurring within their gang
        • Comes with a satisfying way to sort through hundreds of logs at a time, sorting both by category and by a search filter
  • Navigation Menu Change
    • Hovering over a marker in the list now gives a description of the marker/location
  • New cars
    • Tyrus Super Car (Exotic)
    • Riot2(Unique)
    • Rolls Royce Cullinan (Keops dealership)
    • Brickade(Unique)
  • Hunting skill adjustments
    • Made it easier to craft higher tier backpacks (Find out in RP but its easier to do now)
    • Higher the hunting level higher tier backpacks you can craft
    • Higher the hunting level the more meat you get from animals and less chance to damage the skin
  • Added sound for locking/unlocking vehicles and doors
  • Added storage box for KD Firearms
  • Removed player name when giving items
  • Added MAA Grummon Goose
  • Fixed register in weedshop
  • Made stress go down slower
  • Sanchez Revamp
  • Storage box to modshop
  • Crafting station for modshop
  • Fixed Jayhawk gunner FOV
  • Made it so face coverings hide your name
  • SWAT ladder truck added
  • Made it so rain is less frequent
  • Option to rob 10mill houses added
  • Paycheck center major fixed
  • Scrapyard replacing USS Boyd
  • Embassy major fixed
  • Cops seizing at museum fixed
  • Fixed patriot lightbar
  • Academy bus added


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Suggestion appreciation list:

Gang wars @Ryan Smitty

Gang logging @Bailey Sinclair

Civilian warehouses @Astrid Hawking @Noremac Mitchell @Anton Tikhonovich

Backpacks @Austin Flint

Tyrus @Larry Irish

Hunting adjustments(IT WAS TOO HARD?) @Happy killmore

SWAT Ladder Truck @Richard Head

Turfs @Doug Jumper (GREAT GUY)

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Thanks so much to the Devs again and Doug for the continued drive and hard work, you contiue to deliver POG updates cheers lads 

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Want to give a big thanks to all the devs that worked very hard on this update, but wtf is will doin on the wall? hahaha amazing update < 3. Glad to see a new log system for gang stuff as well as that academy bus! one thing I am very interested to see is the face coverings hiding the name of people, so that should be a very interesting addition to the roleplay side of things and hopefully cut down on a lot of meta gaming.

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