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69th Boog Platoon - Official Gang Application

Craig Boone

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Gang Name: 69th Boog Platoon
Gang Leader(Owner of the in-game gang): Isaac Luxe
Gang Leader Discord: MisterLucifer#6969

Summary of Your Gang (Backstory, etc): 

69th Boog Platoon was formed from a group of civilians who believe that the state of Montana has been excessively overreaching into personal freedoms and constitutional rights. Boog Platoon is different from many gangs as we do not have interest in fighting rival gangs and instead want to bring change to the government through any means necessary. This is why we wear the quote sic semper tyrannis on our uniforms (which means thus always to tyrants).
Why you would like to become official:

We would like to become official as we believe we bring a unique new style of RP to gangs along with helping new players learn how to deal with law enforcement through legal or illegal measures. We have been working closely with an attorney to try and change laws and fight current ones that we see as unconstitutional and believe if we become official we can show others that it is a fantastic way to role play.

Have you read the Official Gang Information thread, found here: Yes

Do you have a uniform available: Yes
If you have a uniform available please post it in the format below.


Please provide a list of your gang members using the following format:
Member #1: Craig Boone (76561198018729971)

Member#2: Isaac Luxe (76561198049264229)

Member#3: Ky Mellow (76561199223585164)

Member#4: Andrew Parker(76561198167023772)

Member#5: Tyler Will(76561198093354724)

Member#6: Carlos Mendez(76561198144632965)

Member#7: Mancio Monteleone(76561198073811477)

Member#8: Drake Wilson(76561198153368437)

Member#9: Henry Poppins(76561198130358938)

Member#10: Cody Lee(76561198119499514)

Member#11: Bobby Clark(76561198087743879)

Member#12: Gardner Reapoe(76561197971696560)

Member#13: Rick Compton(76561198436031946)

Gang Roster: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1QlBKeAs0l5_fBPi6IDUax30SRar6ZZ-utiCLcAoMFLQ/edit?usp=sharing




Your Mom Sucked Me Long and Hard Through My Jorts


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Different kind of gang but all interactions have been very fun and there have only been good vibes. Never seen any toxicity out of these boys and they do indeed bring on a unique kind of RP in the sense that they don't look for fights with everyone like some of the other official gangs. 
Big +1

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