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Grizzly Peaks 5.4 Changelog [LABS IS BACK, NEW CARS AND MORE]

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Google Drive(Update only): https://drive.google.com/file/d/14Oias5vzVLznrByhZepKXglwDuzwm4RQ/view?usp=sharing
Steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2630891747 (WILL BE USED AS MAIN MOD INSTALL/DOWNLOAD/UPDATE ON 5.5)
Arma 3 Sync:

  • Aurora labs Returns
    • Completely re-written looting tables
    • Mostly class 3 and lab items(No gun parts)
  • Bindable Animations
    • You can now bind animations to your hot bar
    • There are several blacklisted animations such as full cancel, front flip
  • Overdosing
    • Consuming too many substances can make you overdose at random
    • This includes having a seizure, screaming and more
  • Three new cars
    • Ferrari 812 Novitec N-Largo-2019
    • Brabus 900(x222)'18
    • WEY Tank 300'21
      • All obtainable from Killmore Imports
  • Merged Cartel/Mobster
    • Will randomize location every restart between the two bases
    • All gangs have been made one group
    • All drugs made to one group
    • Will be trialed between 5.4-5.5 and re-reviewed then
  • Insurance discount perk added
  • Ability for police to raid warehouses/factories added
  • Added MFR female uniforms
  • Added MAA Life Vest
  • Added Civilian Life Vest
  • Added Business Cards
  • Added Meme Cards
  • Gang unis added
    • Tenkasihe uniforms
    • Exiled uniforms
    • Bad Uniforms
    • Reaper alt uniforms
    • AND MORE !!
  • Fixed warehouse drug drops
  • Fixed Ford Falcon tiers
  • Fixed HSV Holden tiers
  • Fixed UNM Explorer tiers
  • Fixed MSP Traffic Vest (NVG)
  • Slick top Holden fixed
  • Fixed devils port
  • Fixed snowside
  • Added road to Happys estate
  • Made it so you can use the parachute at any height bound to the hotbar, you can still windows key it if you forget to.
  • Removed reviving who you killed for civilians (On trail, because people are saving more kits we want to see more people at conflict)
  • Added car garages to every boat shop
  • Moved milship
  • Fixed bagging coke
  • Fixed killmore imports sign
  • Modshop geo fixed
  • Heaps of tier fixes
  • Embassay doors fixed
  • Fixed kabuki warehouse
  • MRCO ctrg skin
  • Camo fixed on all CTRG things
  • Rangemaster Cap CTRG added
  • Two CTRG backpack skins added
  • Fixed the warehouse cartel money
  • Bridge control room door
  • Alkatraz breaking free quest fixed
  • La Costra heli pad tree chopped down
  • Killmore imports sign should now work
  • Fixed all kd targets
  • Fixed oil rigs dispatch
  • Fixed crop dusting clothing
  • Fixed awkward uranium processor
  • Fixed produce runs checking spawn locations
  • Trick estate added




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Thank you Devs!

AMR Rescue Services Lieutenant | American Medical Response | Ex- Command FFR | Texas Court Clerk | NFS Command


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You can tell when people are passionate about their work, and this is a clear indication the developers that worked on everything really care about the quality of new material. 

You have my upmost respect, thank you for keeping this boat afloat. ❤️

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  • 2 weeks later...

I appreciate the good content the devs bring to Anzus, more is better than none remember that. Keep the updates rolling out, but don't forget to patch up the old shit too. I hope to see more great updates in the future. I would like to see content that other servers could never dream of. More immersion and follow the community. Do more polls on suggestions and yall will be golden. 



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