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Kamdan Life 1.0 [New medical system, Airdrops and more!]

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Mod pack update 500MB

Note release is set for 3AM NZT restart (2 hours from this post)

Video showcase: 



  • Map changes
    • Whitehouse added to Middlesborough
    • New mansions added to Middlesborough
    • Gas stations changed to Metropolis gas stations
    • New volcano added beside Mount Sunda
    • Dillons Death pond added west of the farms
    • New farm ground texture(3D look)
    • New federal reserve building
    • New city called Winchester added
      • Commonwealth Bank
    • New clothing store building across the map
    • All ganghideouts re-done
    • DOC completely redone
  • New medical system
    • Auto requests medic
    • Bleedout over time (5-10mins)
    • Medics automatically get notified
    • Note stabilizers and CPR kits will be reworked next update
    • Admin menu now works while dead
  • New marker navigation system (hit numpad 3 to open it)
    • Easy to navigate different markers on the map
    • If a bank is robbed you can instantly find out which one it is by seeing the robbery in progress
  • Cop changes
    • IA Uniform/Vest fixed
    • Maximum of 4 cadets on (Trying to balance cop numbers)
    • Cop markers now show on GPS
    • Cop vehicle markers no longer stack it either says (+1 or the other persons name)
    • Bunch of new cars added across ranks (Not skinned but will be overtime)
    • CID weaponry added
    • CID hats added
    • New police belt added
    • Removed the invisible backpacks from cop as all options for backpacks now look good with the uniforms
    • All vests improved instead of being 1 tap
    • New restrain system
      • Shift + R = restrain
      • Shift + R while restrained shackles them
      • Shift + R while in shackles unrestrains them
      • People can't exit cars while restrained
  • Y menu items added to the side of the I menu
  • Airdrop added (Variety of different guns)
    • Spawns every few hours in two different locations
    • Currently civilian vs civilian only
  • Bug fixes
    • Cartel money fixed
    • Cocaine shipment fixed
    • Money dupe fixed
    • Multiple minor bugs fixed
    • New bank fixed
    • Help menu restructured
    • EMS boat fixed
    • Redwick boat shop fixed
  • Noob Patrol Gang uniform added











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