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Kamdan Life 2.0 Announcement

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Kamdan Life 2.0

Hello ANZUSGaming members!

Over the past past two weeks the development team have been working extremely hard on a huge update. We've tried to keep it under wraps and only a few people are aware to what has happened. 

Gangs read here! 

Server Information:

Release time projected to be 3-5PM UK Time on Friday

Server IP: (Same as current server)

Port: 2302

Modpack: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1glt25V5eFtdilL0QLh8UEC68dXZvOUZd/view?usp=sharing

Arma 3 Sync Repository: (NOTE A3S Repository will not be updated until tomorrow as the current server is running the older version of the modpack)

How to install: (VIDEO/LINK COMING SOON)

Do I need a brand new mod pack?:

Option 1:

Download the google drive link and then when we release the server re-sync it with ARMA 3 Sync to get any updates we've put in after the google drive upload

Option 2:

Wait till release and just sync on ARMA 3 sync

I suggest option 1 as Arma 3 Sync can be slow at times

I would like to give a huge thanks to the following people for their hard work for Kamdan Life 2.0

Dillon Boyd for his countless hours working to merge both frameworks

Casey Gallo for his awesome map work

Kevin Winchester for his awesome map work

John Doe for his awesome model work

Mathias Westergaard for his texture work

Jonathan Brown for his texture work

Arma-Life development team for their work (Travis, Jimbo, Repentz etc)

George Thurston for letting us use his bank

Eletric chair - Robin

What is Kamdan Life 2.0?

We've been fortunate to gain permission from the creator of the old Arma-Life framework to use their content. So what we've decided to do is merge both our Kamdan Life framework and the Arma-life Framework together. This means we will have all their awesome features and all of our awesome features.

Feature list:

Custom dialog for every store (weapon, item, clothing, spawn menu, load in camera and more)

New interaction system (Instead of scroll wheel on objects we now windows key on them for the options with a nice radial menu)

New Y menu (iPhone x)

Custom gang system

  • Whitelisting for 5 levels (Owner, Leader, Senior Member, Member, Pleb)
  • Gang progression/quests system
  • Ability to choose either the cartel or mafia faction 
  • Ability to capture mafia/cartel base and gain special benefits from these locations

Transport Truck (Transport to either DOC, Cartel or Mafia for a reward)

Custom leveling/quest system

  • Get XP for pretty much doing anything
  • Buy different perks such as unlimited stamina, faster gathering and more
  • Do different quests to get yourself rewards/xp

Multiple major crimes

  • All commonwealth banks
  • Kamdan Central Bank
  • Art Gallery
  • Federal Reserve
  • **NEW** ANZ Bank
  • Evidence Locker
  • Military Ship
  • Courthouse **WIP**

New prison system

  • Trash can inside your cells to find different things such as lockpicks, spoons
  • You can dig out of the prison in certain locations
  • Cops now gain money from sending people to jail
  • Complete new prison building
  • Execution chair

New Police System

  • Whitelisted departments instead of licences
  • Fully fleet of skinned cars for Patrol and SWAT
  • New warrant/wanted list system
  • Ability to call major crime for Captain+ to stop all other major crimes
  • Removal of the Police computer
  • New vests for all police (exact same as civilians have)

New medical system

  • Bleedout with the ability to upgrade your bleedout timer with XP
  • CPR kits now don't work in combat
  • Whitelisted departments instead of licences
  • Fully fleet of skinned EMS/Fire department cars

Civilian Missions/Systems

  • Niko assassination 
  • Asylum seekers
  • Cartel Money
  • Capture points
  • Transport Truck
  • Airdrop/weapons cache
  • Stolen sports car event
  • Weed growing
  • Cocaine Shipment
  • Mining system
  • Plane crash
  • House robberies(Not like our old one, crates spawn in the house)

Global changes

  • Very clean looking map markers
  • Roleplay radio
  • 20GB modpack (including all guns, cba and taskforce)

There is sooo much more but I just don't have the time to type 1000 different features!

Media (note a lot of the media such as skill tree is old, there are A LOT more skill perks than shown in the photo)

New prison (Note its not finished in this photo, terrain and stuff are fixed on release) Click here for more photos (they're also older)


New coulchester






New interaction menu


New cartel money machine


FBI Base


New Kamdan North


New Middlesborough


Mafia Base



Cartel Base



New gang progession


New gang menu


New skills system


New phone


New map markers



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Congrats guys on the hard work. This needs to spread I think more people need to join this community, especially how much the devs put in work. Gotta get the numbers up and then this server will Boom with popularity. So much things to do haha just need encounters now :), Overall good job guys wonderfull work 

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1 hour ago, Roman Clancy said:

Can you do a mass unban?

I doubt it considering most of those banned are probably exploiters, hackers or just straight up rdm and are just going to make the server toxic. I say keep them banned and let the legit players have some peace for once

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