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Goldbergstein International - Official

Uriah Goldbergstein

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Company Name: Goldbergstein International
Company Leader(Owner of the in-game gang): Uriah Goldbergstein
Company Leader Discord: Uriah Goldbergstein#4597

Summary of Your Company (Backstory, etc): We are a Jewish finance company who takes control of and runs the Kamdan financial system.
Why you would like to become official: We're a company who focuses more on the roleplaying aspect of Anzus and we want to strengthen this core pillar of the ecosystem. We've been an official gang in the past as well and we educated a ton of new players who ended up making a name for themselves.
Have you read the Official Gang Information thread, found here: Yes, we were also previously an official gang.

Do you have a uniform available: Yes, @Doug Jumperhas approved to use two donator items from the shop (Coat 1 & the Jewish hat)

Please provide a list of your employees using the following format:
Member #1: Uriah Goldbergstein - 76561198055971111
Member #2: Alaan Goldbergstein - 76561198241960624
Member #3: Chriss James - 76561198178942257
Member #4: Zane goldbergstein - 76561198215088028
Member #5: Rocky Shiesty - 76561199182546386
Member #6: Diego Gorak - 76561198119558965
Member #7: Harold Jennings - 76561198929724325
Member #8: Travis Goldbergstein - 76561198319285651
Member #9: Lance Lugo - 76561198079506120
Member #10: Thomas Wesson - 76561198094529499
Member #11: Ryan Lionheart - 76561198031042011
Member #12: Shaun Sky - 76561198090256212
Member #13: Dmitri Kracowski - 76561198071251917
Member #14: Harold Jennings - 76561198929724325
Member #15: Adam Goldbergstein - 76561198096722946
Member #16: Ruben Jansen - 76561198067204650

CEO & Founder of Goldbergstein International

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This is not just some gang, this is a family. We all help each other out, no matter what. We don't like to rob new islanders, we choose to rather teach them the ways of the island. We do a a good amount of gang activities, but nothing more than making a negative reputation to our name.

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Joseph Wesson - KMD Lieutenant -FFR Lieutenant - APPLY TO FIRE AND RESCUE HERE!
Joseph Wesson - KSP Trooper

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