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Exodus Official Gang Application

Dani Villas

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Gang Name: Exodus
Gang Leader(Owner of the in-game gang): Abdul Juderio
Gang Leader Discord: Ibontxo24#9615
Summary of Your Gang (Backstory, etc): We are a family of Spaniards who had to escape from Spain to Kamdam, we make a living working legally and illegally, we are experts in weapons and armed robbery.
Why you would like to become official: We are a group of spanish people that play in anzus to have fun and improve our english level, we have played in Anzus Spain as an official band, and that's why we apply here.
Have you read the Official Gang Information thread, found here: Yes,
Do you have a uniform available: Yes



Please provide a list of your gang members using the following format:

Member #1: Dani Villas (76561198424187813)

Member #2: Abdul Juderio (76561198374137014)

Member #3: Raul Lomasa (76561198376013446)

Member #4: Francisco Franco (76561198376013446)

Member #5: Emilio Salazar (76561198954573943)

Member #6: Madric Juderio (He has to send it to me)

Member #7: Rupert Brown (76561198828316629)

Member #8: Edward Smith (76561198172600193)

Member #9: Beny Junior (76561199036814908)

Member #10: Furry Corleone (He has to send it to me)

Member #11: Raul Lomas (He has to send it to me)

Member #12: Mir Kalbb (He has to send it to me)

Member #13: Vicente Navarro (76561198404291009)

Member #14: Christian Martin (He has to send it to me)


 ⚠ Abdul Juderio is the one who created the gang in the game, the leader and owner of the gang is me, Dani Villas.


KSP Member - FSP Member - Exodus - BADR - Playboys - HMT

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