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The Castros | Official Gang Application

Reece Anderson

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Gang Name: The Castros 

Gang Leader(Owner of the in-game gang): Reece Anderson

Gang Leader Discord: James Anderson#0001 

Summary of Your Gang (Backstory, etc): An original Miami based gang that was started in 1936. The gang was started from a unhealthy family in Miami conducting crime to supply themselves and their families. Over the years the city grew but so did The Castro's, they were the most feared and most active gang in 1980 till the 2000s when their main compound was raided that had millions of dollars worth of drugs, weapons, and counterfeit currency. Along with the raid 30 to 50 gang members were arrested and around 20 were killed. Many gang members have left the gang in pursuit of having a better and way more legal way of life. 

Why you would like to become official:  To become more engaged in Anzus and it's gangs. 

Have you read the Official Gang Information thread, found here: Yes. 

Do you have a uniform available: No, currently in development 

If you have a uniform available please post it in the format below.

Please provide a list of your gang members using the following format:

Member #1: James Castro - 76561198134964362

Member #2: Michael Castro - /76561198194267226/

Member #3: Lewis Castro - 76561198189824499

Member #4: Luke Wortek - 76561198853559491

Member #5 Justin Collins - 76561198880756368

Castro's Level 100 Mob Boss

Retired CTRG SergeantATF Special Agent

"When the time is right, I, the Lord, will make it happen." (Isaiah 60:22)

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