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Florida Life 6.0 Changelog

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Google Drive from 30th: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QFvSfOfbGgQ1EHd8PGC27BTzRcg-H0ce/view?usp=sharing
Google Drive New Mods: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-fqxUtnskthG_Ait2rEAwan5xj6W4uc6/view?usp=sharing
Arma 3 Sync:


  • New Florida Map
    • 1:1 of real life Florida with a few lore changes, the whole idea is the rest of the US has frozen over and Florida is the only place left
    • Cuba down the bottom left with a built up city and x2 growing speed in the cuban farms
    • The entire map and runs are plane focused to allow Cuba to be valid
    • Added tobacco
  • New Buildings/Objects
    • Keops Laboratory
      • EFT inspired laboratory
      • Officially the biggest building in ARMA 3
      • Several extract points require to press a secret button
    • Mayan Pyramid
      • Major crime
      • No item requirement, go inside and steal the Mummy
      • Located on Cuba
    • Publix (New supermarket)
      • Inspired from Florida Publix
    • Gander Mountain (New gun store)
      • Inspired from Florida Gander Mountain
    • Ron jons (New diving shop)
      • Inspired from Florida Ron Jons surf shop
    • FFR Fire Station
    • Tow yard (Vantage towing official building)
    • Orlando Bridge
    • Villa mansion
    • Road signs
  • Trader System
    • Inspired by EFT, 6 traders spread across the map that have quests/reputation
    • The higher your reputation the more they pay for their specialty items and cheaper you get items for
    • Traders
      • Papa (Moonshine)
      • Quinn (Medical)
      • Sanchez (Drugs)
      • Ghost (Rebel)
      • Moe (Hunting)
      • Snow (Minerals/Mining)
  • Inventory rework
    • Items can now include metadata
      • This means we can have THC% on weed... % of water left on water... # on licence plates.. ID attached to players.
      • Stolen license plates are now storable and won't disappear when relogging
    • You can now drop items to other players
    • Press ? key top left to help use
    • You can rebind your inventory from TAB to any key via your keybind menu
    • Fixed disconnecting while having an inventory open making it inaccessible
  • Lab raids
    • Redid the loot tables, making the loot more balanced
    • Added indicator on the loot menu how rare an item is
  • DOC rework
    • Re-written all the jobs scripts to work
    • Added two prison traders similar to the other traders, you do tasks in prison to be able to get better items
    • Brand new DOC layout using the 3.0 prison
  • Turfs rework
    • Turfs now split up into North, South, East West
    • Graffiti can now be sprayed on any wall in-game
    • Gain rep within a turf by spraying graffiti on walls or delivering drugs
    • You can gain rep by killing each other only if you are at war (via the gang menu)
    • Declining a war loses you 15% reputation, you have 2 hours to accept the war
    • Whoever has 51% reputation owns the turf
    • You can pick up protection money from any store that auto generates over time, you must of owned the turf for at least 30mins
  • Massive economy rework
    • 10:1 the current economy
    • Completely re-thought out and tested several things from housing to factories so its all balanced and makes sense
    • Note intentionally being in multiple companies for the sake of using multiple factories is exploiting, we plan to fix this with a new company system but do not do this you must only invite people to your company who actively work there.
  • Conflict rework
    • Made it so you don't lose your gear when dying at conflict
  • New animals
    • Alligators
    • Police dogs
    • Crabs
    • Cattle
    • Horses
  • Faction retextures
    • Kamdan State Police to Florida State Police
    • Kamdan Medical Rescue to Florida Fire & Rescue
  • New vehicles
    • Steamroller (Auction)
    • SWAT Armored Surburban 2016
    • Multiple new fire trucks
    • Onebeast governor car
    • Lego police car (Auction)
    • SportsterS Motorbike
    • F550 ESU Ambo
    • 918 Spyder
    • Baclar
    • CAT D7R
    • Aeroboat
    • Multiple new buses
    • V8 Airboat
    • Monobike (Dono)
    • SRGor BY4
    • GTR50
    • Vtech 77
    • Denali'19
    • Explorer 2020
    • Explorer 2019
    • Chevy Box
    • Sprinter Van 2020
    • T440
    • LFA 10
    • Urus Hycade 2018
    • GM 5303
    • M1114
    • Raptor 2017
    • Camaro 2021
    • Velum plane
    • DODO plane
    • Defender USCG boat
    • Dolphin
  • Tobacco Run
  • New Developer Trading cards
  • General
    • Added ability for civs to check for vehicle trackers
    • Made clothing selected on character creation be your clothing when you respawn
    • Made penthouse elevator instant teleport for the owner
    • Added a skeleton that spawns when you bleed out that medics can collect for a reward




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Thank you everyone who worked on this! It looks epic, lets goooooo

AMR Rescue Services Lieutenant | American Medical Response | Ex- Command FFR | Texas Court Clerk | NFS Command


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