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Ghillie Squad | Offical Gang Application

Kiika Butts

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Gang Name: Ghillie Squad

Gang Leader(Owner of the in-game gang): Kiika Butts

Gang Leader Discord: Kiika#9191

Summary of Your Gang (Backstory, etc): 

The Ghillie Squad was formed in early 2010s during the Overpoch and Epoch apolocypse. The original members of the gang happened to be vacationing in the city of Chernarus - enjoying the busy and beautiful Electro city, and relaxing at the sunny beaches. It used to be one of the most popular cities for tourism in the contient of Arma. 
During their stay a virus started infecting the city shutting down the borders. The virus was spreading rapidly among humans causing them to act rabid. It was a fight for survival - a fight of the fittest. Riots were breaking out and emergency services were nowhere to be seen.. The starting members - Kiika, Crush, Chaz and Pickle happened to be at the same supermarket scavenging for food and supplies. They accidentally ran into each during an active zombie hoard attack. They decided to join forces to fight through the apocolypse. They depended on each other, fought together, took care of each other. They assisted people in need and donated food and materials to the less fortunate.

At this time is when their signature "ghillie" outfit was introduced. Chernarus was a place full of greenery so a bush ghillie outfit was the best way to blend it. The city began to know of them as the "Ghillie Squad". After years of fighting they eventually managed to escape and get asylum in Florida. 

Why you would like to become official: We would like to become an official gang to get more involved with the organisations (gangs and cops) and create more interesting situations - more than just regular gun play. Creating fun roleplay scenarios in different situations, forming allies or even enemies - having peacekeeping talks or going into war as last resort. We would also like to offer various different services free of charge to newcomers or at a certain charge for regulars.

Have you read the Official Gang Information thread, found here: Yes :)

Do you have a uniform available: 

We created 2 uniforms as we know a Ghillie may not be seen suitable for a roleplaying server but we thought perhaps a half ghillie could be considered. A bit out of the ordinary but thought it would be an interesting outfit to see rolling around the city. If the answer is a NO then we are more than happy to just stick with option 2. Thanks

Option 1


Option 2



Please provide a list of your gang members using the following format:

Member #1: Kiika Butts (76561198065423384)
Member #2: Charlie Mendez (76561198085917142)
Member #3: Sam Pickle (76561197960287930)
Member #4: Tyler Sletric (76561198120227313)
Member #5: Valentino Wong (76561198269075988)

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