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The Moonshiners [Prison Lifer] I Official Gang Application

Scotty Grahner

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Gang Name: The Moonshiners
Gang Leader(Owner of the in-game gang): Scotty Goodman / Popcorn Sutton / Jim Tom
Gang Leader Discord: Ghoul#7897 / Hættemågen#1880 / Kungtv#0941

Summary of Your Gang (Backstory, etc): A bunch of Moonshiners were busted by the cops and placed behind bars for life, many for a crime they didn't commit. Many believe distilling moonshine to be a way of life and the path to enlightenment. Now behind bars, their goal is to increase their moonshine production and destroy anyone standing in their way. The hope to create a moonshine empire by distilling high quality moonshine and prison hooch to sell to others and to use for themselves. As moonshiners, they opt for simplicity and decided to focus on using shivs, pistols, and bats as their go to weapon against the menacing police force. The group themselves are relatively peaceful, they will only attack unless provoked or if someone threatens their moonshine and way of life.

Inside DOC, they use the pond as a water source to distil their likker. Some DOC green beans reported that the pond seemed to be made up out of 80% moonshine and 20% water. After this discovery, they went hard on the inmates in a brutal conflict where two moonshiners and one green bean were killed. Since then, DOC seemed determined to crack down on the moonshine creation process by tossing their cells and conducting multiple illegal search and seizures.


Popcorn Sutton Backstory:

Popcorn Sutton, also known as Marvin Sutton, was a legendary American moonshiner from Maggie Valley, North Carolina. He was known for his high-quality, traditional homemade moonshine, which he produced in small batches using a copper still.  Popcorn was a true mountain man and was often seen riding around in his old Ford pickup truck. Popcorn began making moonshine at a young age, and it was a tradition passed down through his family for generations.  He was known to use only the finest ingredients, including cornmeal, sugar, and yeast, to create his signature brew.  Popcorn was also featured in a documentary "This is the Last Dam Run of Likker I'll Ever Make" and a book "Me and My Likker" that chronicled his life and the art of making moonshine.

Jim Tom:

Jim Tom was a legendary moonshiner from Tennessee known for his smooth and high-proof moonshine during the prohibition era. He was able to evade authorities for many years but eventually was caught and sent to prison. After serving time, he resumed his business and passed his recipe and knowledge to his children. Today, his legacy lives on and his recipe is a closely guarded secret that Lewis Brooks wants to obtain. Currently, Jim Tom and Lewis Brooks are arch enemies and are in an ongoing feud within the walls of DOC.

Scotty Goodman Backstory:

Scotty Goodman was a man placed behind bars for a crime he didn't commit, he spent most of his time growing and selling weed. During one of the sales however, he was busted by police who accused him of murdering a gas station employee a few blocks away. During the trial, his lawyer was highly intoxicated and it resulted in Scotty Goodman being sent to DOC for life. During his time in DOC he met fellow moonshiners and began to hone his own craft of distilling moonshine and hooch. Together with Popcorn Sutton and Jim Tom they began their plan of taking over the prison.


Why you would like to become official: There hasn't been a proper prison gang created yet and since we enjoy the aspect of being a prison lifer with actual goals outside annoying DOC personnel we thought this would be a good way to expand the community and its role-play. This won't be a traditional gang, it won't be the main character many play on, rather, this gang is comprised of prison lifers (who don't have shared bank account access) that want to create enjoyable situations 
Have you read the Official Gang Information thread, found here: Yes

Do you have a uniform available: We figure we will just use the normal DOC uniform, though we wont be opposed to allowing a local or custom DOC uni for the gang
If you have a uniform available please post it in the format below. 


Alternatively, in the United States people often hide their alcohol bottles in brown bags. A standard brown paper bag with eye holes would work thematically as a hat.

Please provide a list of your gang members using the following format:
Member #1: Scotty Goodman (

Member #2: Popcorn Sutton (76561198190980077)

Member #3: Jim Tom (76561198091259244)

Member #4: Ken Foster (76561198840511544)

Member #5: Hammie (76561198229521416)

Member #5 Tom Carter (76561198138996916)

Member #6: Oliver (76561198103882123)


HMT - Command

Official Prison Life Gang Founder - The Moonshiners

CTRG - 2nd LT


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