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  • Mayan temple major
    • Requires 12 cops and is +9
    • $230,000 reward
    • 30% major dip
  • Police MDT
    • Conviction Logs
    • Ticket Lookup
    • Warrants
    • Vehicle Plate Lookup
    • Citizen Lookup
    • Radar Logs
    • Activity
    • Dispatch
    • Theme selector
  • Rideable horses
    • Obtain horses from the stable west of Orlando
    • Note: These are in beta stage, if you die on them you will need to relog
  • Hunting Rework
    • Use the hunting knife to spawn yourself a local animal
  • Map changes
    • Separated Interstate 4 into 2 distinct roads with a large median between the two.

    • Decreased the dip between Interstate 4 Orlando and East Interstate 4 heading into Daytona.

    • Flipped the hospital 180 degrees allowing for front facing access to the Orlando square and removing the garage from the congested area.

    • Connected the roads previously intentionally separated at the hospital parking lot.

    • Moved the modshop parallel with the Orlando square

    • Moved the Casino to Tampa from Orlando for performance purposes.

    • Moved the national bank to the other side of Orlando and added auxillary bildings for combat.

    • Added detailing and vegetation to the Orlando suburbs.

    • Added a large graveyard and church to south Miami, much larger graveyard ideal for grave robberies.

    • Filled in the blank space at Miami casino major with detailing and auxillary buildings for combat.

    • Added detailing to the Lakeland roundabouts.

    • Added the Calosaahatchee river coming from Lake Okeechobee to the Gulf of Mexico.

    • Added 2 new populated island to the Florida keys.

    • Added parking lot and detail to the Arcadia Museum.

    • Added objects to the tracetrack.

    • Added a gas station to Interstate 4, Alligatory Alley (I75), Interstate 75, Clewiston Farms (x2) and The Florida Keys.

    • Added Fort De Soto National Park to St Petersburg.

    • Added Treasure Island Barrier Islands to St Petersburg.

    • Moved the small art gallery to Treasure Island, this should change the dynamic of the major entirely.

    • Added the St Pete Pier (WIP).

    • Added the Sunshine Skyway Bridge connecting St Petersburg and Bradenton.

    • Added a tow yard, police station, port and residential area to Tampa.

    • Increased the depth of the Tampa bay to support the new port.

    • Added a lake off of Interstate 75 north of Bradenton.

    • Removed the roads attaching to Orlando square and made all acess onto the Orlando square a parking lot.

    • Major modfication and facelift to the Clewiston Farms on Lake Okeechobee.

    • Lots of sharp/jagged/pixelations on the sattelite imagery have been modified.

    • Removed the sand lakes in Cuba.

    • Significantly brightened the sand around the keys and Miami for a more tropical ocean/beach look.

    • Added noise to the sand border and added noise to the sand texture on the sattelite image.

    • Modified the ground concrete texture to better blend with the sattelite image colors and better quality, this is a work in progress.

    • Removed all the tress at the end of the St Pete, Miami and Orlando runways.

    • Added floral areas to the map, more to come.

    • Removed a significantly large amount of vegetation and objects in and around Orlando for perfomance purposes.

    • Added a bunch more factories and gang hideouts.

    • Added a small rural road into the deepest parts of the south florida jungle.

    • Added new ATM’s across the map.

    • Flatened the scrapyard capture point.

    • Other changes across the map such as road smoothening, bug fixes and more that may not have been included in the log.

  • Search vehicles function

  • Seize illegal items from inventories (Right click item in storage)

  • Finishing a race now rewards EXP based off length of race and number of racers (Need at least 3 racers)

  • The 3 penthouses inside casino can now be purchased

  • You will now respawn with your virtual items that don’t normally drop (Meds, Water, Doritos) when you die if in conflict.

  • Added a craft max button to crafting menu

  • Rewrote dispatch script

  • Attending/leaving should work a lot smoother now

  • Reduced the time for being able to show dispatch location

  • Made a dispatch with the same name and near the same location as another active dispatch not create a new dispatch

  • Made dispatches auto delete if noone attends after some time

  • Fixed/rewrote hunting

  • Using the hunting knife to search the ground will spawn an animal near you

  • Fixed unable to complete Snows "prep work" quest

  • Fixed planting seeds on/near roads and in buildings

  • Fixed making meth in gang hideout not going into hideout storage

  • Florida Terrain Changes

  • You no longer lose ANY y menu at conflict

  • Separated Interstate 4 into 2 distinct roads with a large median between the two.

  • Class 3 Added back to traders

  • Casino Mansions added($2,000,000)

  • Russian Clothing names renamed to English ones

  • Fixed shadows of that one Suit (Redburger, Resurge, etc.)

  • New FSP and Sheriff ZR1 Pursuit Interceptor

  • New Color for Academy Uniform

  • Alt Hoodie for DTU

  • DTU Unmarked Explorer 19 & Denali Yukon

  • Fixed Denali Yukon handling issues.

  • Fixed Explorer 19 & 20 handling issues.

  • Normac uni

  • levi smokes full vice uni

  • Governor Escort Cars

  • Government Employee cars

  • Senate car

  • Government Hat

  • PDO Hat

  • PDO Suit

  • DAO Hat

  • DAO Suit

  • Judge Suit

  • PD Formal Uniforms

  • PD Female Uniforms

  • FFR Bike

  • FFR Mobile Command Center

  • Civ and Gang

  • New Thugs Uniform

  • Jeff’s R34 Skyline livery

  • Jeffrey's M8 GTR livery

  • Mark Pierce gun

  • CG Crown Victoria added

  • Los zetas gang clothing fixes‌

  • BAS clothing fixes

  • Kingsmen mc clothing fixes

  • Richard Baer cowboy hat

  • Cuba vest

  • Enzo uni/vest/car

  • END uni/vest/glasses/hat

  • CC uni/retexture/balaclava/alt/car

  • Plus uni/vest/glasses/hat 2x

  • Bluking truck

  • Thugs uni/vest/glasses/hat

  • KD stockade & the KD Sierras

  • KD Security uniform/vest

  • Iron Wolf uni/vest/cap/glasses

  • Vantage beret

  • Jeffrey's M8 GTR livery

  • Doors on dolphin fixed

  • Armoured Tahoe for SWAT(Similar to Suburban)

  • Vice Hummingbird

  • Vice Bearcat

  • Vice LD uniform

  • Motorbikes balanced

  • Vice and SWAT mustangs added

  • Camaros added to captain shops

  • Transport Truck armour increase 10,000 to 15,000

  • Sheriff hoodie added

  • Fixed Vice suit


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