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Kodiak Gang Appilcation

Jimmy Hansen

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Gang Name: Kodiak

Gang Leader (owner of the In-game gang): Jimmy Hansen

Gang Leader Discord: specles#8282


Summary of your gang (backstory, etc):


 pilots from the Alaskan bush, we pride ourselves on our flying skills. We worked out of Kodiak Alaska flying jobs for oil and gas companies. After a series of events and contracts that fell through, our aircraft fleet was put in jeopardy! Scouring the United states the group finds one unlikely area to base their operations.




Why you would like to become official: To participate in gang wars

Have you read the official gang information thread, found here: yes

Do you have a uniform available:



Please provide a list of your gang members using the following format:


Member #1:  Jimmy Hansen 76561198136066000

Member #2:  Jesper Snigel 76561198107126808

Member #3:  Ren Kendrick 76561198148404166

Member #4:  Michael Weapon 76561198080580453

Member #5:  Leroy Jones 76561198029958975

Member #6:  Nick Quinklebink 76561198843760500

Member #7:  Marcavius Fox 76561198799755814

Member #8 : Derick Frankly 76561198138627041

Member #9:  Steve Rogers 76561198121546453

Member #10: Vexxy Mendoza: 76561198118659427

Member #11: Bill Stone: 76561198108801360

Member #12: Trevor caruso: 76561198077273717

Member #13: Berry Madoff: 76561198100973921


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