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RGN - Official gang application

Mace Kraterson

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Gang Name: RGN 
Gang Leader(Owner of the in-game gang): Mace Kraterson
Gang Leader Discord: Mace#9178

Summary of Your Gang (Backstory, etc): Our gang is a group of like-minded individuals who share a common vision of creating a positive and friendly environment in the game world. We believe that by building strong relationships with other factions and players, we can create a more enjoyable and immersive experience for everyone. We take pride in our reputation for being approachable, trustworthy, and reliable. We work hard to maintain good relationships with other gangs and law enforcement agencies

Why you would like to become official: To participate in gang wars and possibly have a gang uniform.
Have you read the Official Gang Information thread, found here: yes

Do you have a uniform available: No
If you have a uniform available please post it in the format below.


Please provide a list of your gang members using the following format:
Member #1: Mace Kraterson 76561198193220071
Member #2: Bobby River 76561199026490812
Member #3: Bush Dot 76561198284515427
Member #4: Buster Smith 76561199182975190

Member #5: Pablo Gaivira 76561198310104787
Member #6: Keith Guy: 76561198086354144
Member #7: Musa Old: 76561198155607311
Member #8: Shanon Jeesh: 76561198126325587
Member #9: Arron White: 76561199218869442
Member #10: Karim Karakbeen: 76561198125632912
Member #11: Joshua Tate: 76561198120295607


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