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Google Drive New Mods: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1f7FsQzkm0wpdrCCim6OXh3tOn3i0nuRR/view?usp=sharing
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Google Drive Full: will be added soon
Arma 3 Sync: 
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  • Capture the flag
    • Start at rebel when you get the notification (left corner of rebel when facing it from the front)
    • Blue Team Uniform + Tavor, HK416, M4A1 Tac
    • Red Team Uniform + Tavor, HK416, M4A1 Tac
    • Green Team Uniform + Tavor, HK416, M4A1 Tac
    • Orange Team Uniform + Tavor, HK416, M4A1 Tac
  • Ministry of Justice Major Crime
    • Requires drill bag + bags
    • Pay out is $200k base with 20% decrease per hit
  • New Lottery
    • Buy and turn in tickets at gas stations
    • Jackpot prize as well as smaller prizes
  • Post Office
    • Send any gear or virtual item through the mail to any house
    • Shipping price based on items weight
    • Illegal items may bring unwanted attention to your package
  • Capture Cuba
    • 25% of all drug sales from Cuba go into your gang bank
    • Can be decaptured by SWAT/CG/Sheriff+ and it will be disabled for 1 hour and LEO get a reward for capturing
      • Their raiding guidelines will be sorted within SOPS
  • Added new Race Velum
  • Acetone Collection
    • Acetone can now be collected from Chemical containers, acetone will accumulate over time.
    • Acetone can leak if you fail to collect it properly.
  • Nerfed Laced Cigars
  • Daily / Money rework
  • New faction vehicles
    • Titan (PD/EMS)
    • Taurus (PD/EMS)
  • Tasks and money has been balanced and more tasks have been added for players and gangs.
  • Car boosting
    • Contract levels have a range to pay out.
      • C payout 20k-25k
      • C+ payout 25k-30k
      • B payout 35k-40k
      • B+ payout 40k-45k
      • A payout 47k-53k
      • A+ payout 57k-60k
  • Food Buffs
    • Redburger and Bluking food items no longer drop.
    • Redburger and Bluking food buffs have been buffed.
    • If Red Burger or Bluking are open and you eat Doritos you will get a debuff that will make you more hungry.
  • General Buffs
    • Removed All Damage Reduction Buffs (buffed any other buff the items  was paired with)
  • Hunting rework
  • Increased spawn changes overall.
  • Increased maximum amount of animals to spawn server-wide.
  • Crafting rework
    • All guns' overall xp has been halved. Carpentry Stayed the same
    • All 7.62 moved into advanced crafting.
    • 7.62 Moved to level 70+
    • 6.5  Moved to level 60+
  • Caltrops
    • An alternative to spike strips dispensing 14 spikes across the ground in front of itself taking out the tires of any vehicle that runs over them
  • Misc improvements and fixes to Virtual Inventory backend
  • ARCO added to all shops
  • You only keep rebel weapons at conflict now
  • Fixed High Peaks Harvests Weed
  • Plus truck skin
  • Kodiak 4x uni / 1x vest
  • DB Vest/Uni
  • Kavala Hat/Uni/Vest
  • vlad police uni
  • los zetas 2x hat/1x uni
  • NEW SWAT UNIS (quite a few)
  • armor fixed (buffed)
  • Removed Floating Shrub North of Orlando
  • Fixed Sign in Road at Orlando Junction
  • Removed Red containers on Jacksonville Beach
  • Fix Oil Rig
  • Fix Bridge SW of Lumber Yard
  • Redo Jacksonville Gas Station
  • Redo Miami Gas Station
  • Fix Penthouses
  • Extended Everglades City
  • Add Killmore Estates
  • Fix JD Fences
  • Fix Corrections Gate
  • Lee’s Changes:
  • Added 5.56 Scar
  • Added 5.56 AKM
  • Added Jacked M8 (XM8, 5.56)
  • Added Wong USCG Uniform
  • DTU Uniform + Female DTU Version (Blue + Black)
  • Updated SWAT Textures (Multicam Uniform)
  • RGN Gang Uniform
  • Jeffreys Custom M8
  • Teutonic Knights (Dev Team)
  • Nucky’s Vice Vest + Mask
  • Fixed niko’s head dropping
  • Fixed radio on garabage collecting in jail
  • Modshop can’t put spaces in plates anymore
  • Added tiers for FFR Bike.
  • Added tiers for FFR Camry & Slicktop.
  • Added tiers for FFR CTS-V & Slicktop.
  • Fixed Gladiator speed + tiers.
  • Fixed USCG Crown Victoria tiers.
  • Fixed Highway Holden tiers.
  • Fixed all police CTS-V tiers.
  • Buffed House Fridge storage by 50%



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We love you devs! But that's not what we wanted on crafting xd

                                                                     James Kozlowski

           Los Zetas
                                                                     Florida Highway Patrol - Senior Trooper
                                                                     Special Weapons and Tactics - Trooper

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