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Oshul Family Gang Application

Trent Oshul

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Gang Name: Oshul Family

Gang Leader (owner of the In-game gang): Trent Oshul

Gang Leader Discord: Knawxxx#5250


Summary of your gang (backstory, etc):


The Oshul family was raised on a farm and had little to no money. We just made it season to season when we had a storm that came and wiped out all of our crops. We had no money to pay for our land in result the bank stripped everything piece of land we had. This left the Oshul family on the streets with nothing to our names as the farm was past down through generation to generation which left us left us devastated. We had no other choice but turn to a life of crime to get back at the government for taking everything we own.




Why you would like to become official: For better RP; to become more in depth with the community.  We would like to participate all that ties to gangs as of the helping new players and participating in major crimes and gang wars.

Have you read the official gang information thread, found here:  Yes

Do you have a uniform available:

We will be purchasing a gang uniform once accepted to match and give us our own unique look.


Please provide a list of your gang members using the following format:


Member #1:  Trent Oshul 76561198210699008

Member #2:  Aria Oshul 76561199075812798

Member #3:  Mason Oshul 76561198804267159

Member #5:  Clyde Oshul 76561198355744726

Member #6:  Trevor Oshul 76561199008257315

Member #7: Mark Oshul 76561198972639411

Member #8: John Oshul 76561198955634675

We plan on having more members joining the city and joining very soon

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