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Need For Speed Gang Application

Michael Giuletto

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Gang Name: Need For Speed
Gang Leader (Owner of the in-game gang): Michael Giuletto
Gang Leader Discord: DigitalNative#9963

Summary of Your Gang (Backstory, etc):

When Need For Speed started, we were just a couple of friends who modified and raced their shitbox cars all over the streets of Florida. We noticed there was a lackluster amount of racing on the island and that needed to change. With just two of us, and many phone calls later, we carved a name for ourselves and gained recognition from popular gangs. This resulted in being let off the hook one-too-many times from those that constantly rob people. Eventually, we began getting noticed by the cars we drove and clothes we wore!

After a few weeks of hustling, we opened up NFS to others. Since then, we've grown to now have almost a full roster of fantastic members and managers that help maintain our operation!

Why you would like to become official:

We offer a safe space for our members to grow, learn, and create friendships with all fellow members. Many of our members, if not all, are new to Florida. They needed a group that holds no responsibilities over their heads (other than knowing the rules), people who can protect them whenever they need, and are never abandoned. I personally make sure I am attentive to my members and ensure everyone is getting along. I also know everyone's names because I care, unlike other gang leaders.ย Everyone here is treated as an extension of myself, rather than disposable.

As for the community of Florida, we are building to start hosting all sorts of illegal and legal races! Pools of money are to be made, and tons of RP situations for all to join and have fun in!

Have you read the Official Gang Information thread, foundย here: Yes

Do you have a uniform available:ย 
Yes, it is currently being made by Seska and should be done soon.

Please provide a list of your gang members using the following format:
Here is an organized list of our members:

Member #1:  Michael Giuletto  (76561198063206887)
Member #2:  John Makerton     (76561198272048186)
Member #3:  Wampa Stampa      (76561199328834129)
Member #4:  Johnny Hamilton   (76561198026217216)
Member #5:  Leon Rambo        (76561198838355075)
Member #6:  John Pettimore    (76561198117120817)
Member #7:  Zack Rambo        (76561198160476192)
Member #8:  Julian Veloucci   (76561198083009983)
Member #9:  Alexei Federovich (76561198018551485)
Member #10: Bill Burr         (76561198217030952)
Member #11: Lixer Cheng       (76561198278997907)
Member #12: Relic Cheng       (76561198244921862)
Member #13: Jake Rizer        (76561198255601106)
Member #14: Nikolaz Sanchez   (76561198086377040)
Member #15: Sean Archist      (76561198002681217)
Member #16: Mike Lane         (76561199253908497)
Member #17: Berry McCaulkiner (76561198153356851)
Member #18: Riko Giuletto     (76561199230094637)

We also have a spreadsheet that I frequently update with our members, which can be provided if requested.

๐”๐”ฆ๐” ๐”ฅ๐”ž๐”ข๐”ฉ ๐”Š๐”ฆ๐”ฒ๐”ฉ๐”ข๐”ฑ๐”ฑ๐”ฌ

โ€” Founder โ€”



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