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Kamdan Life 2.0.4 Changelog

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1GB modpack update

Google drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fZA1IttpJaVwEZyL8StBaj6da1hOHCU9/view?usp=sharing

For google drive: Drag all the contents inside the google drive Addons folder into your @ANZUSGaming Kamdan Life Addons folder

Arma 3 Sync: (Updated 1710 Hours NZT)

I highly suggest you use google drive for this update as sync will take a long time, if you need help join teamspeak and our staff team can help out.

  • Casino Major Crime
    • Drill bag (Burglary store)
    • Boltcutters (Rebel/Burglary store)
    • Gold bar trader is top left
  • CIA Quest Packages
    • Similar to relics, small boxes placed across the map
    • Finish it at "Shady Crim" for the exp
  • New seized weapons/evidence crate building
    • You need to turn off the power on the roof before starting seized weapons to turn off the power (GIF HERE)
  • Cartel "Defunding Mafia Quest" is now Casino instead of Bank
  • Evidence crate now requires 9 cops instead of 8
  • Evidence crate bug fixed
  • Street lights added around the whole map
  • 3 new private islands added to the map ready for purchase $
  • Gang uniforms
    • Tiller uniform added
    • SPARK robot uniform added
    • MT6 uniform added
    • Manarello uniform added
    • Orange Templar uniform added
    • Playboy uniform added
  • Removed bullet proof car from cop shop
  • Removed cop car from civilian car shop
  • Cops now show up as a blue marker for medics instead of Red
  • Changed intro music
  • Server will now auto repair terrain every 30 minutes
  • Fixed minor bugs/exploits
  • New intro music
  • Cop lights fixed on broken cars (yay)
  • 1.thumb.png.e977341da6d4ad8eae81fe9678651d5c.png2.thumb.png.5b07c177855d298926c81e6d6a56f1c0.png3.thumb.png.ee6878197b71fd7c52ea8897c92a31a8.png4.png.51e4ddd54b260c2d0807254128f18ed5.png





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