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Tariq Habibi Blacklist Appeal

Tariq Jamal

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Senate Disciplinary Appeal Committee

Disciplinary Appeal

Case Number: [Office Use Only]


Florida Legislature

Officer Presiding: [Office Use Only]

APPLICANT/Officers Name


GOV. DEPARTMENT (e.g. Florida State Police )




Trooper's Name: Tariq Habibi

Organisation: FSP
Rank: senior detective
Department: cid
Badge Number (If Applicable): D-12 (249)

Punishment you were given: blacklist
Grounds for Appeal (Why should it be overturned): Let me just start this off by saying i fully understand why i was blacklisted and banned (100 percent fair) for leaking the IA sops, i was a dumbass who wanted to be funny so i decided to have a frame (not even joking a legit 1 second frame) of the front page of the IA sops in one of my fraggys, someone noticed the link up the top of the screenshot and just typed the link and bam they had the sops i honestly didnt even notice i left the link up there until doug messaged me telling me i am blacklisted and rfced (not trying to make an excuse understand i should of never even put a 1 second frame of the sops in my fraggy) but i think i have proven that i am not the same tariq i was i have had 0 points for anything other then combat logging (nothing on purpose just didnt have proof as pc kept blue screening so i took the points) since i have been back, i was a medic for 3ish weeks becoming a full emt and i had an application for academy but had to leave ems cause work picked up, have also been actively helping new players with questions they have in the anzus discord. and last but not least I would just like to add that before I did this dumb asf stunt I was doing very well in pd and many thought the same (was going to be a cpl within cid and was also trusted with teaching new cid members this was after Chris got removed and Tim took over) i was also never part of IA I got the sops from Chris winters (former cid captain) I can probs find the dms if needed. I did also say I got sent the sops by jack cold when I was asked by Alexis who I got them from because that's what Chris wanted me to do was stupid asf for me to do and I should have just come clean.         hope this makes sense have never been good at typing think this is well known but yeah was one of the most dumbest shit I have done on Anzus I would love to be given a second chance within the cop force as this is the only fuck up(pretty big one not trying to deny it) I have had within my 1 and a half years of no lifing cop was hitting stupid hours every week with my fellow Habibi's


Any evidence to support this:  no idea what chris winters discord id is so cant find are dms fraggy was deleted as soon as doug messaged me and has stayed deleted any other proof u need i can probs get.


Have you requested reasons for your discipline (if yes, please paste them as a reply to this appeal): n/a

Do you know the case against you (have you seen the evidence)?: yes i did it to myself

Do you request the Florida Senate Disciplinary Appeal Committee obtain all evidence help by the government in relation to your case?: yes

Please link your original appeal which must have been denied here:  n/a


                                                             Tariq #1||Loves Vacations| Seagull                                                   


kicked from every spec ops😎

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  • Server Manager

Hi Tariq,

I'll be managing your unblacklist process along side Paul. I do believe you have changed positively since the time of your blacklist and I do believe that you have learnt your lesson, however, to ensure you will be a valuable addition to the Florida State Police and not another burden for command to keep close eyes on I will be placing a 14 day hold on your unblacklist.

If you receive any formal punishment from the staff team in the next 14 days, including for combat logging, then your blacklist will be denied.

Come back in 14 days, with zero punishments, and your un-blacklist will be accepted and you can begin your re-intregation into the State Police.

Good luck!

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