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Bob Sampson Appeal to SMT

Bob Sampson

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Trooper's Name: Bob Sampson

Organisation: FSP
Rank: CPT
Department: CG
Badge Number (If Applicable): 116

Punishment you were given: Class I


Grounds for appeal: I am writing to appeal against my recent termination as a Coast Guard Captain, which I strongly believe was an act of retaliation for my unwavering commitment to upholding the values and regulations of our esteemed institution.

While I was on LOA hours checks were not conducted by my executive officer's on time, https://prnt.sc/zaGaI6FqHOOx I took the flak for it. I received a ping by Goulding while I was on LOA saying that the person who posted the message didn't post the Coast Guard divisions hours. It came off disrespectful and somehow I was the blame while I was on LOA. While on LOA the Major should be communicating to my officers. After they started to complain about that I spoke up to them about how they are not resetting their hours; this is what set them off.

On 19JUNE2023, I was relieved of my duties as a Coast Guard Captain after speaking out against my command for their consistent failure to meet the required hours of service, specifically 15 hours bi-weekly, as well as their failure to reset their hours at the end of each bi-weekly period. It is with great dismay that I find myself in this situation, as I have always strived to uphold the highest standards of integrity and professionalism throughout my tenure.

Over the course of my 238 days in my commanding officer position, I have had many successful achievements that my predecessors couldn’t achieve; GPS trackers, DOC transfers, SR25 as a gen disabling rifle, Maritime law changes for both Kamden and FL, longest standing command team, speaking up against the wrong doings that happen rather than sit around and let it happen, and the mass amount of people we had in our division at one point. Also I have had a squeeky clean record since the time I first joined the police department over a year ago.

Also throughout my 238 days in command (not including the TIG I was an LT for), I consistently raised these legitimate concerns to my superiors, aiming to foster a culture of compliance, fairness, and transparency within our command structure. Regrettably, instead of addressing the issues at hand and promoting a positive environment, my high command chose to retaliate against me, resulting in my unwarranted termination. This action not only compromises the very principles upon which our organization is built but also sends a chilling message to other officers who may wish to voice concerns about organizational shortcomings.

I firmly believe that it is the duty of every officer to ensure the adherence to established regulations and procedures, irrespective of rank or position. It is this belief that drove me to speak up and raise awareness about the discrepancies in hours and the failure to reset hours as required. My intention was to foster transparency, accountability, and to call out the wrong doings of command, all of which are vital for the effective functioning of our organization.

I kindly request the Senate Disciplinary Appeal Committee to conduct a thorough review of my case and consider the following factors:

1. Retaliation: There is substantial evidence to suggest that my termination was a direct consequence of my decision to speak up against my command. I have documented instances of verbal threats, hostile behavior, and attempts to undermine my authority and credibility as the Captain. There has been tension with Goulding and the CG since he was a LT and the bias against us is blatant. These actions demonstrate a clear pattern of retaliation due to the grudges Dylan and him have had against us.

2. Upholding Regulations: As a Coast Guard Captain, I have always been dedicated to upholding the regulations and standards set forth by our organization. By reporting the failure to meet required hours and the failure to reset hours, I sought to ensure compliance with these regulations, thereby safeguarding the integrity and reputation of our institution. In my career neither myself, Jack Barrow, or Ken Foster have failed to meet our set hour requirements. If the 3 of us have met those requirements (and gone beyond, the most hours I’ve had while I was a CPT was 90+) why should anyone else be exempt?

3. Integrity: Throughout my career, I have consistently demonstrated unwavering integrity. My actions were not driven by personal gain or malice but by a genuine commitment to the principles that underpin the Coast Guard and the FSP. I firmly believe that the best interest of our organization lies in maintaining a culture of accountability and responsibility.

4. Advocacy for all Coast Guardsmen that aren't in command positions: Throughout my career, I have consistently championed the rights and welfare of the MCPOs and below. I firmly believe that it is our responsibility, as leaders, to use our positions to defend and uplift those under our command. My actions were motivated by a genuine commitment to fairness, justice, and the well-being of the individuals who serve under my division. One of the biggest problems is when Goulding stated, “I’m unhappy with you as a Captain in the Coast Guard”. Whether he is happy or not doesn’t matter, what matters is how the people below me that I lead feel, and I can tell you that the people in my division would contradict what he says as well as my track record.


In light of the aforementioned points, I request the Senate Disciplinary Appeal Committee to review my case thoroughly and reinstate me to my former position as a Coast Guard Captain. 

I am prepared to provide any additional evidence, testimonials, or information that may be required to support my case. Thank you for your time and attention to this matter. I eagerly await a positive resolution that upholds the values of justice, fairness, and integrity within.


Again, I would like to add that I have been active as a command member and never have gone inactive, I’ve always responded almost immediately to any issues brought to my attention, hit my proper hours (and more), at no other time was my activity ever brought up to me. Also I would like to apologize about my previous appeal, frustrations overcame me in the moment and wanted to show my exact feelings.

~ Cmdr. B. Sampson


Any evidence to support this: https://prnt.sc/zaGaI6FqHOOx and all of the other screenshots I have posted. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4EUEzU3BJc


Have you requested reasons for your discipline (if yes, please paste them as a reply to this appeal): N/A, says why in the video

Do you know the case against you (have you seen the evidence)?: N/A

Do you request the Florida Senate Disciplinary Appeal Committee obtain all evidence help by the government in relation to your case?: N/A

Please link your original appeal which must have been denied here: Goulding said to do SMT bc State Command (Dylan approved it which circles back to one of my main points)



“It takes courage to speak up against complacency and injustice while others remain silent. But that's what leadership is”


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