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EZM - Gang Applications

Karim Shasha

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Gang Name: EZM
Gang Leader(Owner of the in-game gang): Riyan Braga
Gang Leader Discord: akirayas

Summary of Your Gang (Backstory, etc): EZM is a criminal organization founded by three brothers in France, who grew up in violent, underprivileged neighborhoods. They created the group to protect their neighborhood from outside threats, while prospering in the criminal world. Lead by "Akirayas", the leader. The group engages in illegal activities such as drug trafficking and theft to support their community and extend their influence. They have alliances with other local criminal organizations, but must also contend with rival gangs seeking to challenge their authority. Together, the brothers and key members of EZM chart their course through the dangerous world of crime, seeking to leave their mark on streets the world over.

Why you would like to become official: We, the EZM group, aspire to become official on the Anzus server for several reasons. Firstly, becoming official will enable us to have a more solid and recognized presence within the server community. We want our criminal group to be recognized and respected by other players, which will enable us to interact in a more immersive and meaningful way with the rest of the game universe.

By becoming official, we'll also be able to benefit from more extensive and varied gameplay possibilities. This will give us access to special quests and events, as well as exclusive gameplay mechanics reserved for official groups. This will enrich our gameplay experience, strengthen our cohesion as a group, and add layers of depth to our crime story.

Have you read the Official Gang Information thread, found here: Yes.

Do you have a uniform available: No, currently in development.


Member #1: Riyan Braga (76561198273508747)

Member #2: Filibert Mortadonte (76561199057371448)

Member #3: Karim Shasha (76561199478331307)

Member #4: John Herb (76561198069644010)

Member #5: Mathieu Stark (76561198133275918)

Member #6: Louis Moncassin (76561198125650436)

Member #7: Karl Mendez (76561199048357756)

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