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Kamdan Life 2.0.5 Changelog [NEW FED IS HERE]

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Google drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1P2CJzgDyXXhXzXhmwDhGmOIi2nFO4M8W/view?usp=sharing

For google drive: Drag all the contents inside the google drive Addons folder into your @ANZUSGaming Kamdan Life Addons folder

Arma 3 Sync:

NEW ARMA 3 SYNC IP (OLD ONE WILL NOT WORK): https://www.anzus.life/topic/7332-new-arma-3-sync-ip/

Note: All gang uniform/car skins haven't been added this update due to technical difficulty.

1GB modpack update

  • New Federal Reserve
    • Two locations (DOD Radar Station and Military Bunker)
    • Required Items: Drill Bag, 2 USB Virus, Bunker door explosives, Bags
    • Very detailed guide found on the help guide on Y menu
  • New buildings
    • New KSP National Headquarters
    • New Courthouse
    • New Bank in Winchester(Not robbable yet)
    • New cargo containers
    • New firestation
    • New ?????????
  • New Cop and EMS hummingbirds (cheaper in shop)
  • Marshal Equipment added
  • Fixed commonwealth banks
  • Map changes
    • Redwick redone
    • Huddersville redone
  • Several dupe fixes
  • New cop range rover
  • Reverted to old intro sound
  • Private islands added
  • Can no longer sling load crates
  • Raging bull price buffed
  • New mod that allows you to walk ontop of things with no collision (TRIAL PHASE)
  • Several fixes to cop vehicles increasing speeds to match civilian
  • New bottle location
  • Rick gucci scarf added 
  • Casino back ladder fixed
  • Added more domes to spawn island
  • Fixed filling gold bag error
  • Translated a bunch of vehicles from russian
  • Added missing mags
  • Police can now seize gold/cash at majors for a reward

Big thanks to @Dillon Boyd @Casey Gallo @Kevin Winchester @Kangaro0 @Mathias Westergaard @John Doe















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